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Due to request from authors we are extending the date for submission of extended abstracts up to 31st March 2012

International Conference on Trends in
Knowledge and Information Dynamics

10-13, July, 2012

Hosted by:
Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC)
Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

Bangalore, India


Email: ictk2012@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC) of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) was founded by late Prof. S.R. Ranganathan in 1962. We are happy to announce ICTK-2012 as part of DRTC Golden Jubilee celebrations.


We invite extended abstracts in English on a wide range of themes and sub themes.

Broadly the themes of the conference are divided into main streams. However, authors are encouraged to submit papers on narrower and related areas, as the following are only broader guiding themes.

Stream 1: Trends in Library Education and Research

Stream 2: Trends in Public Library Services

Stream 3: Trends in Domain Specific Information Systems and Service

Stream 4: Trends in Open Access to Information and Data

Stream 5: Trends in ICT applications to Library and Information Science

For complete list of topics please visit http://drtc.isibang.ac.in/ictk/subthemes

Extended abstract in specified template may be sent to: ictk2012 at drtc dot isibang dot ac dot in


  • Submission of Extended Abstract: 31st March , 2012

  • Acceptance of Extended Abstract: 15th April, 2012

  • Submission of Full Paper:15th May, 2012

  • Camera Ready Copy (after suggestions from reviewers): 15th June, 2012

  • Registration: Opens from 15th December,2011 onwards


Prof. A.R.D. Prasad (Convener - ICTK-2012)

Documentation Research & Training Centre (DRTC),
Indian Statistical Institute (I.S.I),
8th Mile, Mysore Road, R.V. College Post,
Bangalore - 560059, Karnataka INDIA

Phone: +91-80-28482711
Fax : 91-80-28484265
Email: ictk2012 at drtc dot isibang dot ac dot in

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