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Re: [ontolog-forum] Pragmatic Conceptual Analysis

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I’m not familiar with this, Juan, but it looks interesting. There was a fairly recent paper (2008) I’ve just been reading for the  Ontology Summit 2012 (emphasis of ontology for big systems), which calls for using formal pragmatics (speech act theory, etc.).


Akkermans, Hans. 2008. The Business of Ontology calls for a Formal Pragmatics. Formal Ontologies Meet Industry, Borgo and L. Lesmo (Eds.) IOS Press, 2008.


But your paper is more about “pragmatics” from the cognitive science perspective, as opposed to formal pragmatics from the linguistics perspective. Nevertheless, this looks interesting.





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Does anyone know the so called "Pragmatic Conceptual Analysis"? I would like to know what the forum members think about using this approach in the area of ​​ontologies.

References here:



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