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While we are on the subject, there is an interesting OMG standard in the 
enterprise ontology area -- the Business Motivation Metamodel:  
It was developed by the DAMA Business Rules Group and published as an 
OMG standard by agreement.    (01)

I think it qualifies as an 'ontology' by the Wikipedia definition that 
Dave Price cited.  I would describe it as an upper ontology for business 
policy and strategy.  (Much is made of its being free of methodology.)  
And there are at least two 'consulting support' tools that use it that 
way, refining it for individual corporate clients and their 
methodologies of choice.    (02)

Yes, it is formally captured in UML (you can download the UML model from 
the OMG site, but good luck getting into whichever UML tool you may 
have), but the conversion to OWL should be straightforward, and I 
suspect someone has already done that.    (03)

-Ed    (04)

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> Dear All,
> There have been discussion on Zachman framework whether it is an 
> example of enterprise ontology or not.
> How about term used by Dietz on his "Enterprise Ontology"?
> http://www.amazon.com/Enterprise-Ontology-Jan-L-G-Dietz/dp/3540291695
> And also Enterprise Ontology by Dave McComb ?
> http://semanticarts.com/articles/the-enterprise-ontology
> I would say, these two are good examples of what Ent. Ontology is all 
> about.
> Regards,
> Nazir*
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