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Topics in this forum have addressed both practical issues and highly
theoretical and philosophical issues.  But the connections between
them are usually not very obvious.    (01)

I put together some slides from several recent talks, in which I
address both kinds of issues and try to relate them more clearly
than most discussions.  (See the URL and outline below.)    (02)

Section #1 covers historical issues about ontology, artificial
intelligence, and the disappointing progress in developing universal
ontologies and computer systems that can "understand" language.    (03)

Sections #2, #3, and #4 cover theoretical issues about linguistics,
psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.    (04)

Sections #5, #6, and #7 relate the theoretical and philosophical
issues to computational issues.  They suggest ways of designing
and implementing computational systems that could have a better
chance of meeting the goals discussed in Section #1.    (05)

_____________________________________________________________________    (06)

Source: http://www.jfsowa.com/talks/ontofound.pdf    (07)

Foundations for Ontology    (08)

  1. Problems and challenges
  2. Psycholinguistics and neuroscience
  3. Semantics of natural languages
  4. Wittgenstein's early and later philosophy
  5. Lattice of theories
  6. Processing unrestricted natural language texts
  7. Meeting the challenges    (09)

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