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Re: [ontolog-forum] Universal and categories in BFO & DOLCE

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Dear Rich,    (01)

                        3. Do not override methods in a subset. This is an
indication that the
                        method did not apply to the superset in the first
place (because if it did,
                        it would apply to all members of the subset
necessarily).    (02)

                But the English word Put would apply to both MTrans and
PTrans meanings, as well as many others.  It could be transitive with a
direct object, or intransitive; modulated by adverbs, qualifications,
elaborated wh* phrases, and so on.  Each such signature class is different,
and using a Link Grammar parser to set up the signatures given a corpus,
there are lots of such potential signature classes.      (03)

                So by definition, the partitioning of Put sentences into
those subcategorized partitions (among the hundreds of Put interpretations)
is very complex and hard to match against that advice.  Do you have some
more specific advice given the sentential nature of the problem?  That
advice is very useful for typical programming situations, but those
situations are dealt with manually, one at a time, by a programmer.  I am
trying to find a way to automate the conversion of a corpus of sentences,
through parsing into signature classes, to construct a case base which is
consistent, in some sense of that word, with English meanings.      (04)

MW: Don't think about words, but about what the words represent. The same
word can represent different things, and combined with other words different
things again. Using the same word does not necessarily mean any
relationship, and certainly not necessarily subtype/supertype. You have to
think in terms of the sets of objects, not in terms of the words used to
represent them. Of course words are objects too, so it is of course allowed
to say "object" has 6 letters.    (05)

Regards    (06)

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