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The Data Semantics and Integration Working Group of DataONE Project -
the NSF funded Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE;
http://dataone.org) - has an opening for a full-time post-doctoral
associate. This is a full-time, 12-month position that is renewable up
to three years ...    (01)

-----------------------    (02)

DataONE, which is headquartered at the University of New Mexico (UNM),
is recruiting a post-doctoral associate to work with the Data
Semantics and Integration Working Group of the DataONE project. This
is a full-time, 12 –month position that is renewable up to three
years. The physical location of where the Post-Doctoral Associate is
located is flexible. Applications will be accepted starting
immediately and will be accepted until the position is filled.    (03)

The Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE; http://dataone.org)
is poised to be the foundation of new innovative environmental science
through a distributed framework and sustainable cyberinfrastructure
that meets the needs of science and society for open, persistent,
robust, and secure access to well-described and easily discovered
Earth observational data. Supported by the U.S. National Science
Foundation, DataONE will ensure the preservation and access to
multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-national science data.
DataONE seeks to transcend domain boundaries, making biological data
available from genome to ecosystem and making environmental data
available from atmospheric, ecological, hydrological, and other earth
science sources. This broad disciplinary focus brings many challenges
in the description, publication, discovery, and integration of
datasets across multiple disciplines.    (04)

The post-doctoral researcher will work with an interdisciplinary team
of researchers from across the country in designing and implementing
semantic technologies within the DataONE Cyberinfrastructure. Semantic
technologies include a broad range of standards, methods, and tools
that will enable DataONE to sustainably achieve its objectives for
seamless publication, discovery, and integration of Earth
observational data, thereby enabling a broader range of data-driven
science and the kinds of cross-disciplinary science necessary for
addressing today’s emerging science problems.    (05)

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will work as an integral
member of the DataONE Data Semantics and Integration Working Group to
develop and document use cases; evaluate standards, tools, and
technologies; participate in the development of a roadmap for research
and implementation of semantic technologies within the DataONE
cyberinfrastructure; facilitate collaboration with other relevant
research projects and efforts; and complete targeted prototyping and
technology implementation tasks in collaboration with the DataONE Core
Cyberinfrastructure Team (CCIT).    (06)

Required Qualifications: PhD completed or near completion in Computer
Science, Information Science, Earth/Environmental Science, or
equivalent. Interest in semantic approaches to data discovery and
integration and be broadly familiar with data in the earth/geosciences
domain. Demonstrated excellent communication skills through a record
of publication and public presentation and a strong interest in
advancing the scientific endeavor through facilitating better access
to and integration of scientific data. The successful candidate will
be expected to engage in professional development training
opportunities and seminars. The successful candidate will also be
expected to travel several times per year to Working Group meetings
and for presentation of DataONE work at professional conferences.    (07)

Preferred Qualifications: Interest in and experience with earth or
environmental sciences and the types of data used within these
disciplines.    (08)

The post-doc will work under the direct supervision of Dr. Deborah
McGuinness (RPI) and Dr. William Michener (UNM). Interested candidates
should send a CV, a brief statement of interest in this position, and
a list 3 references and their contact information to Rebecca Koskela
(Executive Director of DataONE; rkoskela@xxxxxxx), DataONE, University
of New Mexico, 1312 Basehart Drive SE, MSC04 2815, Albuquerque, NM
87106. Inquiries for further information about the position are
welcome. Salary and benefits for this position are competitive and
commensurate with the applicant’s qualifications and experience.    (09)

-----------------------    (010)

http://www.dataone.org/content/post-doctoral-position-dataone-semantics-and-integration-working-group    (011)

... posted also at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?RecruitmentOpportunity#nid2VZB    (012)

Regards.  =ppy
--    (013)

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