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[ontolog-forum] RuleML 2011 @ BRF Paper Deadline June 21st

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                               RuleML2011 at BRF
5th International Symposium on Linked Rules: Research-Based,

             Westin Diplomat, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 3-5 November 2011

                FIRM Extended DEADLINE for paper submission: June 21

Following many requests for an extension of the RuleML at BRF deadline, the
Program committee has decided that 21st June 2011, will be the latest date
on which full papers can be submitted: Note that this deadline cannot be
further extended, since the PC needs to have the time for a good review

Prior submission of abstracts is no longer required.

About RuleML 2011 at BRF

In 2011, two installments of the RuleML Symposium will take place. The first
one will be held in conjunction with IJCAI 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, in

The second one will be co-located with the Business Rule Forum to be held in
early November in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The second instalment will
include the RuleML Challenge Award which, this year, is dedicated to Rules
and Ontologies.


RuleML-2011 at BRF is a research-based, industry-focused symposium:
its main goal is to build a bridge between academia and industry in
the field of rules and semantic technology, and so to stimulate
the cooperation and interoperability between business and research,
by bringing together rule system providers,
participants in rule standardization efforts, open source communities,
practitioners, and researchers. The concept of the symposium has also
advanced continuously in the face of extremely rapid progress in
practical rule and event processing technologies. As a result,
RuleML-2011 will feature hands-on demonstrations and challenges
alongside a wide range of thematic tracks. It will thus be an exciting
venue to exchange new ideas and share experiences
on all issues related to the engineering, management, integration,
interoperation, and interchange of rules in distributed enterprise
intranets and open environments alike.


As in the previous years, the Symposium will be organized in tracks:
specifically, the RuleML-2011 at BRF focus will be on the following areas:

*** Rules, Semantic Technology, and Cross-Industry Standards
*** Rules and Automated Reasoning
*** Rule-Based Distributed/Multi-Agent Systems
*** Rule Transformation and Extraction
*** Vocabularies, Ontologies, and Business rules
*** NIEM and Rules
*** Cloud Computing and Rules
*** Clinical Semantic and Rules
*** Fuzzy Rules and Uncertainty
*** Rules and Norms
*** Rule-Based Policies, Reputation and Trust
*** Rule-based Event Processing and Reaction Rules
*** General Topics

Submissions on general rule topics are welcome, such as:

  - Progress in rule language specification (in XML Schema, Relax NG, etc.)
  - Implemented tools for rule bases (e.g. XML and RDF rule validators)
  - Rule interchange and reasoning
  - Execution models, rule engines, and development environments
  - Graphical processing, modeling and rendering of rules
  - Rules and NLP
  - Rule-based applications
  - Usability and effectiveness of rule-based systems and languages

Case studies, experience reports, and industrial problem statements are
particularly encouraged.

RuleML-2011 Challenge


The RuleML-2011 Challenge is one of the highlights of RuleML-2011.
Prizes will be awarded to the two best applications, one for the
focus theme and one for the other categories.

This year, the Challenge will be focused on the theme:

***Combining Rules, Objects, and Ontologies: Implementations and

The call for demos is available on:


Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit original contributions of practical relevance
and technical rigor in the field, experience reports and show case/use case
demonstrations of effective, practical, deployable rule-based technologies
applications in distributed environments. Papers must be in English and may
be submitted at


Please upload all submissions as PDF files in LNCS format

The selected papers will be published in book form in the Springer Lecture
Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

The selected demo papers will be published in CEUR proceedings.

Important Dates


Paper submission: June 21, 2011 (11:59PM, UTC-12)

Notification to authors: July 18, 2011

Camera-ready copy due: August 8, 2011

RuleML-2010 Challenge Demos submission: Sept. 2, 2011

RuleML-2011 dates: Nov 3-5, 2011

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