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[ontolog-forum] Announcement: A book by one of our members! (Adam Pease)

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 10:23:11 -0700
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More on this at: 
html    (01)

>From Adam Pease (who I have probably embarrassed by cc'ing on this email),
comes a new book entitled "Ontology - A practical guide". The book probably
has the most knowledge captured about SUMO in one single binding!    (02)

My first personal experience with Adam Pease was at an industry event around
2003 where we sat together on a panel (with Peter Yim nontheless!!!) and
discussed the impact of semantics and ontology work on various industry
standards. I was intrigued by Adamıs knowledge and his enthusiasm to share
with others yet there was something else that made him easy to listen to. He
carried with him wisdom, yet he did not force it upon those in the room.
Even the word "Suggested" in the title seems to be an admission of humility
that I still strive to learn from.  He merely revealed the knowledge, bit by
bit, as the conversation allowed it to enter. This is very unique in a
computer science discipline where zealotry prevails. He modestly imparted
his opinions on the roomful of people only to the degree it answered the
specific question before. This inevitably brought up another question that
Adam usually had an answer for too.    (03)

The result of this behavior was quite infectious. Adam, Kurt Conrad, others
and I ended up in a late night sushi restaurant somewhere near Menlo Park,
CA discussing how to map SUMO concepts to Mandarin, Japanese and
Cantonese, how WordNet can reference SUMO and why First Order Logic
(FOL) constraints are generally a cool concept to have in advanced
computer systems. An upper-level ontology, such as SUMO, is a common,
shared conceptualization of a domain.    (04)

During this discussion, the simple and beautiful truth came to me. SUMO, or
something akin to it, is one of the missing pieces of a large segment of
technical work I have done in my life. If it had been explained any
differently, I would have missed it. Adamıs delivery was the key for
understanding and seeing the value in ontology work and pivotal for me to
join this forum (although I think Peter and Kurt had me pegged to sign up
from the get go)!!    (05)

The book on SUMO intrigues me as I have not yet see the final form, only
earlier drafts.  The TOC is available at
http://www.ontologyportal.org/contents.pdf    (06)

Happy Reading and a big congratulations to Adam!    (07)

Duane    (08)

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