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Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2011 12:04:14 +0100
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                Call for Papers    (01)

CAiSE Workshop 2011 INternet INformation Systems Pragmatics (IN2SP)    (02)

            June 20-21,2011 London, UK    (03)

Relating to the 2010 conference theme "Information Systems in a diverse
world" IN2SP calls for papers that address the tension between universal
standards, interoperability requirements and ontology integration on the
one hand, and local particularities, contextualization and ontology
divergence on the other. The workshop encourages specifically explorative
papers that by dealing with new Internet challenges deepen our theoretical
knowledge on pragmatics.    (04)

Traditionally, the study of signs (semiotics) distinguishes three
components: syntax,semantics and pragmatics, where semantics deals with
the meaning of symbols and pragmatics with their context of usage. The
overall objective of the IN2SP workshop is to address upcoming IS research
challenges related to the Internet from a pragmatic perspective. New
challenges include but are not limited to the Internet of Services, Smart
Computing and Social Network Analysis.  In the case of Internet of
Services, it has become clear that more attention should be given to the
business and legal aspects of service provisioning and service adaptation.
One of the challenges of Smart Computing is the transition from
message-driven information systems, using standards such as UN/CEFACT, to
event-driven systems built on myriads of sensors. More knowledge of Social
Networks and their dynamics is needed for understanding the social context
of communication.    (05)

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Information systems in context. How to deal with context-sensitivity of
information and meaning, in particular in the light of global standards
and context-independent semantic web technologies.
- Pragmatics of the web: what do people do when they communicate via
- Pragmatics of the Internet of Things and Smart Computing: are current
modeling approaches (at business level and process level) appropriate for
modeling ubiquitous computing applications? And how can a pragmatic
approach be of help?
- Pragmatics of the Internet of Services: how to model the pragmatics of
service use (including the economic/business aspect)?
- Pragmatics of the Social Web.    (06)

- Paper submission deadline: Feb, 25, 2011
- Notification of acceptance: March, 21, 2011
- Workshop: London, June 20, 2011    (07)

Dr. Hans Weigand (contact) h.weigand@xxxxxx
Tilburg University, The Netherlands    (08)

Professor Dr. Adrian Paschke
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany    (09)

http://www.caise2011.com/workshopsAndrelatedEvents.php    (010)

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