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[ontolog-forum] ICBO2011 Call for Workshop and Tutorial Proposals

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ICBO 2011

Second International Conference on Biomedical Ontology
July 26-30,  2011
Buffalo, New York

URL: icbo.buffalo.edu

The deadline for workshop and tutorial proposals for the ICBO conference is February 1, 2011

TUTORIALS are educational events. They may be either for a full day or for a half day. They should focus on one specific topic presented by one or two experts and involve interaction with the audience. Tutorials can include hands-on training, in which case the proposal should specify the exact requirements (laptops, software to install, etc.).

WORKSHOPS are half-day or full-day scientific events. They are intended to provide a forum for the discussion of a specific topic through individual paper presentations. The workshop organizers will be responsible for advertising the workshop and reviewing and selecting the contributions. Workshops can be events focusing on a specific topic; they can also include interest group meetings, or meetings designed to disseminate the results of a research project on a specific topic. Workshop and tutorial proposals should be submitted to the easychair website:


Each submission should include the title of the event, name, affiliation, mailing and e-mail addresses of the proposers. It  should include also a description of the proposed event (maximum 200 words), including an explanation of how the workshop/tutorial will contribute to the field of biomedical ontology. Proposals must include, in addition, a short CV of the proposer explaining their qualifications for the proposed event, including experience in teaching and/or in organizing scientific events.

Workshop proposers should additionally provide names of at least two program committee members who can review their proposal and should describe how they will advertise the workshop in order to receive a sufficient number of submissions and participants. They should also explain the rationale for addressing their specific topic in the workshop rather than in the main conference. One important argument for a workshop would be to attract more people to ICBO. Papers accepted for workshops will be published together with the ICBO 2011 on-site proceedings.

The organizers of ICBO 2011:

Barry Smith, University at Buffalo (Conference Chair)
Alan Ruttenberg, University at Buffalo (Scientific Chair)
Olivier Bodenreider, National Library of Medicine (Co-Chair)
Maryann Martone, University of California at San Diego (Co-Chair)
Stefan Schulz, Medical University of Graz (Workshop and Tutorials Chair)   

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