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Re: [ontolog-forum] FW: The Reasoner 5(1) available for download

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From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:48:06 -0500
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On 12/22/2010 6:17 PM, Obrst, Leo J. wrote:
> The latest issue of The Reasoner is now freely available for download in pdf 
>format at
> http://www.thereasoner.org/    (01)

Thanks for the reference.    (02)

And following is the index for all issues from 2007 to 2011:    (03)

    http://www.thereasoner.org/    (04)

Any or all can be downloaded.  Each month has a collection of short
reviews and comments about a variety of topics in philosophical logic.    (05)

John    (06)

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