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[ontolog-forum] What's the difference between a Unicorn and a Universal?

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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 15:33:24 -0500
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One is a purely mythical creature... and the other is a cow? 

This could be the worst case of examplecide since the number of planets stopped being nine. 

Also, (#$MeatFn #$Unicorn) is #$Beef! 


Chinese 'Unicorn Cow' Horns In on Fame

A cow with a horn smack dab in the middle of its forehead is leading some people to claim the supposedly fictional unicorn is alive and well and living in northern China's Hebei province.
"Saying that unicorns are fictional is the equivalent of stating that UFOs do not exist," said Seth Greening, a self-proclaimed "supernatural survivorologist" based in Los Angeles. "Of course there are flying objects that remain unidentified. And, of course, there are monocerotes or unicorns. But can a unicorn be a cow?"

Greening says that anatomically speaking, Jia's cow may be technically considered a monocerote, or one-horned animal. 

"It certainly does appear to have a single horn growing out of the center of its forehead," he said. "But a real unicorn?"

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