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I agree with Chris. I find more substance in early Wittgenstein than later. 
[And an aside: much of contemporary corpus-based computational linguistics 
tends to explicitly side with later W.; perhaps not surprisingly, I tend to 
disfavor such comp ling where e.g., morphology has become "stemming" and 
meaning becomes purely collocational].    (01)

Personally, I think that without Frege and Russell, philosophy of language 
would have been delayed many years. I think they pretty much founded the topic, 
at least in the modern era, though I know Peirce's contributions weren't 
recognized early, as John points out.     (02)

John, I couldn't find the original posting of this message, nor the citation to 
Spectre's work that Ferenc provided. Do you have this?    (03)

Leo    (04)

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On Nov 24, 2010, at 10:18 AM, John F. Sowa wrote:
> On 11/24/2010 1:47 AM, FERENC KOVACS wrote:
>> Yesterday I attended a very exciting talk on "open knowledge",
>> given by Levi Spectre, who does not seem to publish his very
>> convincing new ideas.
> Those are great ideas, but there's nothing new in them.  Peirce
> and Whitehead are two pioneers in logic who were preaching them
> and publishing them a century ago.
> Frege and Russell were two logicians who were technically as
> good as Peirce and Whitehead, but they were hopelessly misguided
> about the nature of language and the way logic, language, and
> the world are related to one another.
> Wittgenstein was another brilliant logician who was suckered in
> by Frege and Russell, and he had to spend the second half of his
> life digging his way out of the hole they pushed him into.    (06)

Unfortunately he dug himself a much darker and deeper hole of his own.  By my 
lights, W. was a lot closer to right in the Tractatus than he ever got in the 
Investigations.  And I think it's a mistake to lump Frege and Russell together. 
Frege's views were far more subtle and sophisticated.    (07)

I have no interest in defending any of these assertions. :-D    (08)

-chris    (09)

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