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“Architecture Information Exchange Tools: Increasing the Rate of Change”


Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time: 8:30 to 5:00

Where: NSF Stafford II room 555

Draft workshop agenda: www.nitrd.gov/et

RSVP: et@xxxxxxxxx




You and your colleagues are invited to attend the no fee November 30, 2010 workshop organized by the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee, Architecture & Infrastructure Committee for the Federal CIO Council, from 0830 - 1700. The workshop will focus on architecture information exchange tools: how to increase the rate of change.


The workshop will have several technical demonstrations as well as time for a discussion on architecture information exchange tools. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss any emerging technologies they feel are relevant to the mission of the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee charter is available at http://www.ET.gov).


Workshop sponsors include the National Coordination Office of the Subcommittee on Networking and Information Technology Research and Development and the Architecture & Infrastructure Directorate Office of the Secretary of Defense.


RSVP to et@xxxxxxxxx is required for on-site or remote participation. You are welcome to join remotely; please see workshop agenda for instructions.


Please call or e-mail Brittany Roush (Brittany.roush@xxxxxxxx) if you have any comments or questions regarding the workshop. Please call or e-mail Ernie Lucier (lucier@xxxxxxxxx 703 292-8723) to modify this e-mail list.


Please bring your laptop, wireless networking is available.


Directions: NSF direction and lap-top screening requirements are at: http://www.nsf.gov/about/visit/

When arriving for the workshop, go to the NSF visitors’ desk, corner of Ninth Street and North Stuart Street (one block on your right as you exit the Ballston metro), then proceed to the building next door, Stafford II, room 555.


Best Regards,

Brittany and Ernie


Brittany Roush

Office of Secretary of Defense

Architecture and Infrastructure

Rotational Engineer




Ernest Lucier

Coordinator, SDP and FASTER

QinetiQ North America

In support of the

National Coordination Office for

Networking and Information Technology Research and Development

4201 Wilson Boulevard, Suite II-405

Arlington, VA 22230

703 292-8723






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