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FYI. You may be interested in this rejoinder and comment on the ontological 
realism debate. Access to Applied Ontology should be free for this.    (01)

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Subject: [iaoa-general] Applied Ontology: Debate on ontological realism 
intensifies    (02)

***Apologies for duplications***    (03)

Dear colleagues,    (04)

        we are happy to inform you that issue 4-4/2010 of Applied Ontology is 
now online at www.applied-ontology.org, featuring three high-quality papers:    (05)

Barry Smith and Werner Ceusters. Ontological realism: A methodology fo 
coordinated evolution of scientific ontologies
Gary H. Merrill. Realism and reference ontologies: Considerations, reflections 
and problems
Gilles Kassel. A formal ontology of artefacts    (06)

In this issue the debate on ontological realism continues: Barry Smith and 
Werner Ceusters vehemently defend their realist perspective in an extensive 
rebuttal of Merrill's broadside attack "Ontological realism: methodology or 
misderection?" published on issue 2/2010. Gary H. Merrill responds to Smith and 
Ceusters in a short but pointed rejoinder.    (07)

In the summer of 2010, IOS Press made Merrill's paper freely available on the 
Applied Ontology Web site. The public response was astonishing. Merrill's 
claims were hotly debated in many online fora. The e-mail list known as 
OBO-Discuss was deluged with hundreds of postings in which members of the 
biomedical ontology community-including Merrill, Smith, and Ceusters-argued 
about the tenets of ontological realism and the merits of Merrill's seemingly 
devastating critique.    (08)

As with Merrill's original contribution, IOS Press is making all the papers in 
this series freely available online, and anticipates continued, lively 
discussion of these important issues in a wide range of electronic fora. These 
matters remain critical to the ontology community, which has been discussing 
for centuries the role of the realist perspective, and to the scientific 
community, which increasingly is turning to the ontology community for guidance 
regarding how best to codify scientific knowledge for use within information 
systems.    (09)

See the IOS Press release and the papers at 
http://www.applied-ontology.org/ontologicalrealism.    (010)

Regards,    (011)

Nicola Guarino and Mark Musen
Editors in Chief, Applied Ontology    (012)

Note: Thanks to an agreement with IOS Press, IAOA members have free online 
access to Applied Ontology through the IAOA Member's area, at www.iaoa.org.    (013)

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