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Re: [ontolog-forum] Oooh, FOL is too hard to learn.

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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 12:46:56 +0100 (BST)
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Well, before I shut up again, let me suggest that 
1. the so called algebraic operations when represented as physical changes in 
reality (when they are visualized) indicate that
addition is incremental growth in one direction starting from an origo. Since 
origo is a finite point, the increase cannot go on infinitely but must reach a 
point where the end point is determined by another line crossing the original 
straight line. The values are in AND connection.
If at any moment of time you change direction (by turning, say 90 degrees), you 
have an OR relation for that location from which you may choce to go on as in 
addition and you can carry on ad infinitum, unéess you are omn the surface of a 
sphere. Substraction should be trivial as going in the opposite direction.
Production or multiplication (of integers, natural, rational numbers that can 
used to label objects in the real wordl) cannopt be done by humans unless he is 
helped by physical forces such as the case in fusion and splitting.Rmemebr that 
properties are the product of abstarction and cannor beseparated from the 
objects, and so on.So here products which are represneted by 1x1 or 1/1, but 
point is that such an object is always one, a whole. This s best sen in a shere 
which grows in space in every direction, rather than in one or two or three. 
Just check out how bubbles illustrate the process by having one large than 
into a number of small ones in DIVISION, and so on. Obviously, there are at 
least three forces in action there to be noticed.
2. Does anybody know why the defintion of meaning in Wordnet is limited to  two 
senses only? Or why John Sowa believes that semantics covers just what he likes 
it to be defined in formal logic? Why semiotics is forgotten about not to 
mention many other ways of communication whioch all carry meaning? Like what 
abot spatial semantics, biosemiotics, etc?
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