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Illness. That word (concept) is an asset with respect to core ontology terms applied.Illness is deemed to be an object that is created by abstraction by comparing people with symptoms and without symptoms. So illness is an object with a list of properties made up from symptoms. How do you find these symptoms?

1)      They are in the book called ICD  http://www.who.int/classifications/icd/en/

2)      They come from a diagnosis made by a doctor in practice


  1. Examine patient
  2. Is he ok? Send him home
  3. No. He has complaints
  4. Diagnose him
  5. Job done?
  6. No, Try more/other tests and examinations
  7. Yes. Find matching therapy and apply it.
  8. Goto step1

 It is perfectly sufficient to see the procedure in which objcts take part and new objects are generated. All those steps involve using various list readily available and others to be created and /or updated.




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