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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 18:08:42 +0000 (GMT)
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All this below may be true. However, I recommend we proceed according to the paradigm I am using. I am ready to supply definition for each term that may crop up.


I agree that whether there is a physical form or a concept, the abstraction of an object uses the same format.  

FK. In my wording an object, therefore a concept as well, is form and content at the same time.

here we need to bring in a subjective aspect - knowledge of the word in which terms we differ.

We are said to know an object if we "know" (recognize,etc.) the form of an object. In case of concepts the only tangible form we can share is their name. Subject to our level of knowledge we may know more, such as its definition, "meaning", extension and intension in some format, such as lists, etc. 

As an object a concept has also got its start and end boundaries, its "story" or path in timespace from the inception and introduction to the moment when it becomes outdated. We would normally not be so fussy about the details, etimologicla dictionaries and lexicons do some of the job, etc.


Depending on the object itself, it can be simple or complex.

FK Yes, but why classify them now and from that aspect 
Both can change their form and behavior or functionality, one may be natural and other may be man made or simulated concept.  But still all that is stored as 2d info, but become 3d after instantiation with time stamp in traditional OO world..
FK. I do not know how they are stored, I only notice that they are sahred in 2D indeed.The time satmp whatere theroretical or not is not to make it 3D. This issue 3D needs a separate thread to go along. 
Thanks Pavithra, Ferenc 

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