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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:37:42 +0200
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=== Apologies for multiple postings ===    (01)

********** Submission deadlines tomorrow!! ************    (02)

*********************************************************    (03)

Call for Papers, Patterns and Problem Proposals    (04)

2nd Workshop on Ontology Patterns (WOP2010)    (05)

http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/WOP:2010    (06)

November 8th, 2010    (07)

Shanghai International Convention Center, Shanghai, China    (08)

********************************************************    (09)

Submission deadlines tomorrow - September 1st (11:59pm Hawaii time)    (010)

********************************************************    (011)

This workshop provides an arena for proposing and discussing good and bad 
practices, patterns, pattern-based ontologies, systems, etc. The aim is to 
broaden the pattern community that will develop its own “language” for 
discussing and describing relevant problems and their solutions. The workshop 
will be held in conjunction with ISWC2010 on November 8th. It will be a 
full-day workshop consisting of three parts; papers, posters/demos (including 
pattern posters), and “pattern writing” sessions.    (012)

Specific focus is put on pattern posters and “pattern writing” sessions as an 
opportunity for discussing and reaching consensus on best practices in the 
field. The pattern writing sessions are closely related to another interactive 
event series, namely VoCamps [1], since certain types of patterns are in fact 
small vocabularies. The main difference is that this workshop encompasses a 
broader range of patterns, and the focus is on engineering best practices.    (013)

---- Research Paper and Poster Topics -----    (014)

The main aim of the workshop is to discuss and collect solutions to recurrent 
problems i.e. ontology patterns, that matter to researchers and practitioners 
of the Semantic Web field, and that impact on ontology design and engineering. 
Position papers are welcome as poster papers.    (015)

Original research papers and poster papers are invited to consider the 
following (non exhaustive) list of topics:    (016)

Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs) and pattern-based ontology design
ODPs for specific knowledge domains e.g. multimedia, fishery and agriculture, 
user profiling, business modeling, etc.
Anti-patterns and their relations to ODPs
ODPs for interacting with data
ODPs for expressing relevance of data in context
Collaborative ontology design and collaboration patterns in ontology design and 
Correspondence patterns for ontology matching and integration
Lexico-syntactic patterns
Reasoning patterns (workflows made of reasoning steps for addressing specific 
Processes and services - process patterns
Re-engineering patterns for conceptual models, folksonomies, lexicons, thesauri
Problem solving methods and patterns    (017)

Ontology Design Patterns and Linked Data
Ontology Patterns and Microformats
Patterns for using different vocabularies together e.g. FOAF, SIOC, DC, etc.
Web semantics from a pattern perspective    (018)

Good practices of ontology design
Good practices for Linked Data and related applications
Good practices for hybridization of semantic web and NLP techniques
Good Practices and Patterns of semantic social networks, semantic wikis, 
semantic blogs
Good Practices of Semantic Web in general    (019)

Software patterns for Semantic Web applications
Interaction patterns and the Semantic Web
Pattern-based methodologies for Semantic Web ontologies and software engineering
Application Profiles
Domain specific applications based on patterns and success-stories
Pattern-based ontologies    (020)

Tools support for pattern-based knowledge engineering
Pattern-based ontology evaluation and selection
Automatic ontology construction (ontology learning) based on patterns
Contextual reasoning and patterns as context
Knowledge patterns and knowledge re-engineering based on patterns
Pattern-based information extraction    (021)

Quality evaluation of patterns
Benefits of ontology patterns and knowledge patterns    (022)

---- Pattern Topics -----    (023)

Pattern submissions can be made in two categories:    (024)

* Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs). ODP submissions are reviewed by Pattern PC 
members, e.g. from the quality committee of the ODP portal[2], and accepted 
patterns will be presented at the workshop as posters in the joint poster 
session (together with paper posters as demonstrations).    (025)

* Problem proposals. Problem proposals are reviewed and voted by the workshop 
PC and ODP portal committees, and the most interesting ones will be the basis 
of the practical “pattern writing” at the workshop.    (026)

Ontology design pattern (ODP) submissions will be collected through the ODP 
portal [2], and templates for submission [3] are provided for the following 
types of patterns (see general typology [4] for explanation of the types):    (027)

* Content patterns    (028)

* Structural patterns: logical and architecture patterns.    (029)

* Correspondence patterns: re-engineering and alignment patterns.    (030)

For other types of patterns, or if the author wishes to elaborate on 
theoretical rather than practical aspects, a pattern description may be 
submitted as either a research paper or poster paper. A paper submission can be 
accompanied by a pattern submission, however the submissions will be reviewed 
separately.    (031)

---- Problem proposals ----    (032)

Problem proposals are submitted at [5] and should have the following features:    (033)

* A non-trivial problem that currently has no pattern (generally accepted 
solution) available    (034)

* A problem relevant to the workshop community, i.e. an important and 
interesting problem    (035)

* The envisioned solution can be classified under one or more of the ODP types 
described at [4]    (036)

---- Important Dates ----    (037)

• Submission deadline **EXTENDED** - September 1    (038)

• Notification of acceptance - September 20    (039)

• Problem proposal deadline - October 1    (040)

• Workshop date - November 8    (041)

---- Submissions -----    (042)

Submission instructions at 
http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/WOP:2010/Submission    (043)

---- WOP2009 Chairs ----    (044)

Papers and posters – Valentina Presutti, StLab ISTC-CNR (IT) and Vinay K. 
Chaudhri, SRI International (US)    (045)

Patterns - Eva Blomqvist, StLab ISTC-CNR (IT) and Oscar Corcho, Universidad 
Politécnica de Madrid (ES)    (046)

Steering Committee:    (047)

Eva Blomqvist, STLab ISTC-CNR (IT)    (048)

Aldo Gangemi, STLab ISTC-CNR (IT)    (049)

Natasha Noy, Stanford University (US)    (050)

Valentina Presutti, STLab ISTC-CNR (IT)    (051)

Alan Rector, University of Manchester (UK)    (052)

Francois Scharffe, INRIA (FR)    (053)

Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz(DE)    (054)

Chris Welty, IBM Research (US)    (055)

[1] http://vocamp.org/wiki/WhatIsVoCamp    (056)

[2] http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/    (057)

[3] http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Submissions:SubmitAPattern    (058)

[4] http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/OPTypes    (059)

[5] http://ontologydesignpatterns.org/wiki/Community:PostModelingIssue    (060)

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