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Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 11:34:03 +0400
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Dear all,

during our research under the title "Formal Geology" this kind of definition arise:

Ontology is a [part of] formal theory having interpretation in the real world.

For example, we use first order predicate calculi (with numbers) to describe rock sample features.

It would be nice to get your opinion.

Thank you,



As an example of definition have a look at

harzburgite(x) =

not (pyroclastic(x) or kimberlite(x) or lamproite(x) or lamprophyre(x) or charnockite(x))

and plutonic(x)

and VPC_carbonates(x)≤50 and VPC_melilite(x)≤10 and VPC_kalsilite(x)=0

and VPC_leucite(x)=0 and VPC_M(x) ≥ 90 and VPC_hornblende(x)=0 and (0  ≤ VPC_Cpx(x))

and (0.4*(VPC_Ol(x)+VPC_Opx(x)+VPC_Cpx(x)) ≤ VPC_Ol(x)) 

and (VPC_Ol(x)  ≤ 0.9*(VPC_Ol(x)+VPC_Opx(x)+VPC_Cpx(x)))

and (VPC_Cpx(x) < 0.05*(VPC_Ol(x)+VPC_Opx(x)+VPC_Cpx(x)))

Where VPC stands for Volume Percentage Content of the mineral in the sample.

Example of an axiom is

x not (plutonic(x) and volcanic(x))

All functions and predicates mentioned in the right part of definition are primary symbols of the formal theory.

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