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[ontolog-forum] Call for Participation: Provenance Hackathon at IPAW 201

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Date: Mon, 03 May 2010 11:37:46 -0400
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Call for Participation: Provenance Hackathon at IPAW 2010

The provenance community has built a range of infrastructure for recording and querying provenance, which has increased in capabilities and maturity over time. However, there has been much less focus on realizing end-user applications of provenance. The Provenance Hackathon aims is to see whether we can quickly build end-user applications that demonstrate the unique benefits of provenance using existing infrastructure.

To foster cross-collaboration and to get things done, we hope to have two types of attendees, app hackers and infrastructure hackers. App hackers have experience in building end user applications (web apps, iphone apps, android apps, desktop apps,…), infrastructure hackers have experience in a particular provenance infrastructure. This is a way for an app hacker to get direct help with a given provenance infrastructure and a way for the infrastructure hackers to help someone get to know their infrastructure. Alternatively, we also allow you to work on your own.

A panel of judges will rate the hackathon apps focusing on their use of provenance and all around coolness. $250 dollars in prizes will be handed out.

When and Where?
June 14, 2010 collocated with IPAW starting at 10 am. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day.

Send email to Paul Groth (pgroth@xxxxxxxxx) with your hacker type and a couple of keywords. If you already have a team let me know that as well.

The Provenance Hackathon is sponsored by LarKC: The Large Knowledge Collider project, which is developing a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning.

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