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I take pleasure in circulating the following announcement ...
Congratulations, Barry!  =ppy    (01)

===    (02)

*First Paolo Bozzi Prize in Ontology to be awarded to Barry Smith*    (03)

The idea of a prize in ontology has become necessary at a time when
philosophy is moving out of the confines of academia and making
contributions to the better understanding and management of the wider
world in fields such as social ontology, bioinformatics, intelligence
analysis, and many more. The prize, which was designed especially by
the artist Ugo Nespolo, is being awarded for the first time to Barry
Smith, SUNY Distinguished Professor in the University at Buffalo and
founder of IFOMIS, the Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical
Information Science in Saarbrücken, Germany, which was the first to
initiate a large-scale ontological research initiative in the
biomedical sciences.    (04)

Smith has made groundbreaking contributions in practically all
important areas of ontology. He is Director of the US National Center
for Ontological Research, a founder of the Open Biomedical Ontologies
(OBO) Foundry, and a lead scientist in the Ontology for General
Medical Science (OGMS), Protein Ontology (PRO) and Infectious Disease
Ontology (IDO) initiatives. He also works with the US Army Net-Centric
Data Strategy Center of Excellence on ontology-based data integration
and reasoning and with Hernando de Soto of the Institute for Liberty
and Democracy in Lima, Peru on the role of documentation in social and
economic development.    (05)

The award ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 4p.m.
in the Aula of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turin.
It will be followed by a lecture given by Barry Smith and a laudatio
by Professor Maurizio Ferraris.    (06)

The Award was conceived by Maurizio Ferraris, who has made decisive
contributions to social ontology through the foundation of LabOnt (the
Laboratory of Ontology) in the University of Turin, and in particular
through his development of the theme of "documentality", a theory of
how social reality is intimately related to the systems of documents
which underlie it. The title of Smith's lecture, "How to Do Things
with Documents," fits exactly with this scheme.    (07)

Why dedicate the award to Paolo Bozzi? Paolo Bozzi (1930-2003) was
professor of psychology at the University of Trieste. He was a
proponent of radical ontological realism, who became the standard
bearer of a philosophy that does not see the real world as dissolving
into words, but actually gives it weight, autonomy and dignity, and
thereby frees it from the stench and fluidity of postmodernism.
Bozzi's life work demonstrates the need for an ontological
reconstruction of philosophy exactly as manifested in initiatives such
as IFOMIS and LabOnt.    (08)

===    (09)

ref.  http://labont.it/archivio/1003%20Premio%20Bozzi%20Comunicato.pdf    (010)

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