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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:07:17 +0200
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Want to learn more about rule technologies, applications and standards?
Want to discuss latest research results and developments?
Want to get in touch with the industry and research experts in rule-based
systems and technologies?    (01)

Don't miss RuleML-2009 - early bird registration deadline ends on September
25th    (02)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------    (03)

                      RuleML 2009    (04)

3rd International Symposium on Rules, Applications and Interoperability
         November 5-7 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA    (05)

               http://2009.ruleml.org/    (06)

      co-located with the 12th Business Rules Forum    (07)

             ----------------------------    (08)

We cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd International Symposium on
Rules, Applications and Interoperability (RuleML-2009) - the premier event
addressing research, applications and standards for rule technologies and
rule-based event processing technologies. It takes place in Las Vegas,
Nevada, USA, Nov. 5-7, collocated with the 12th Business Rules Forum, the
world's largest Business Rules event.    (09)

RuleML-2009 has evolved from an annual series of international workshops
since 2002, international conferences in 2005 and 2006, and international
RuleML Symposia since 2007, to the premier event on rule-based systems
addressing industry developments, standards and academic research at the
same time. RuleML-2009 is in the top 100 venues for impact factor (71):
http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/stats/venues. It is supported by W3C, OMG, ACM,
EPTS, AAAI, ECCAI, IAAIL, ACM, Belgian Business Rules Forum, MIT Sloan CIO
Symposium, BPM Forum Belgium and a listed EU ICT technology conference.    (010)

We are building an excellent program with renowned experts as keynote
speakers, tutorials, standards panel sessions, Open Source Day, W3C RIF
workshop, Int. Rule Challenge with prestigious prizes, etc.    (011)


Submit to the 3rd Int. Rule Challenge at http://2009.ruleml.org/challenge    (013)

RuleML-2009 highlights and news:    (014)

* 3rd Int. Rule Challenge    (015)

"Demonstration of benchmarks/evaluations, demos, case studies / use
cases, experience reports, best practice solutions, rule-based
implementations/ tools/ applications, demonstrations engineering methods,
implementations of rule standards"    (016)

* Rule Open Source Day     (017)

"Discover how Open Source Rules solutions are being deployed in the
marketplace and how they compare to proprietary solutions"    (018)

* Lunch Panel on Standards for Business Rules     (019)

"Want to learn more about latest business rules standard in W3C, OMG, OASIS,
ISO, RuleML and how these apply in the enterprise business arena"    (020)

* W3C Rule Interchange Format Standard Workshop    (021)

* Keynotes and special talks by                                      
   Sandro Hawke (W3C) about W3C RIF                               
   Donald Chapin (OMG) about OMG SBVR and ISO Terminology standards    (022)

   Paul Vincent (TIBCO) about CEP and Rules                       
   Jans Aasman (FranzInc. CEO)                                        (023)

* Tutorials by                                                       
   Mark Proctor (Drools) - Drools Tutorial                        
   Christian Saint Marie (ILog/IBM) - W3C RIF Tutorial            
   Larry Goldberg and Babara von Halle - Decision Management      
   Guido Governatori (NICTA) - Business Process Compliance     (024)

* Tracks on 
   Rule-based Event Processing
   Rule Systems on the Web       
   Rule Transformation and Extraction
   Process and Data
   Rules and Norms
   Rules and Uncertainty    (025)

* RuleML-2009 Springer LNCS proceedings published
* 3rd Rule Challenge CEUR proceedings to appear
* IEEE TKDE special issue on Rule technologies to appear Dec. 2009
* Forthcoming RuleML-2009 special journal issue  
*******************************************************************    (026)

Supported by
W3C, OMG, ACM, AAAI, ECCAI, IAAIL, ACM, Belgian Business Rules Forum
MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, EPTS, BPM Forum Belgium    (027)

Sponsored by
===================================================================    (028)

BBN Technologies
Franz Inc
NICTA (National ICT Australia) Ltd
Corporate Semantic Web
Logic Programming Associated Ltd
JBoss RedHat
Modelsystems Ltd    (029)

(sponsoring opportunities: http://2009.ruleml.org/sponsors)
===================================================================    (030)

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