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[ontolog-forum] ModSim Conference Follow-up

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From: Ron Wheeler <rwheeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 19:51:30 -0400
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Just a follow up note on the ModSim conference that took place this week.    (01)

We had a great conference which exceeded everyone's expectations for a 
first year conference. We had excellent participation from the Canadian 
government in terms of keynote speakers, presenters, attendees and 
support despite being held in Montreal.    (02)

We had over 50 presentations and almost 200 attendees from Canada, the 
US, Mexico and Europe.    (03)

The conference web site is still available and we will get as many of 
the papers and presentations on-line as we can.    (04)

There was a little bit of discussion about using ontology for improving 
the ease of use of generating simulations and providing more realistic 
behaviour for avatars.    (05)

I hope that we will have even more participation next year from 
companies and individuals that can inspire more extensive use of 
ontology in this area.    (06)

There will be a call for papers in the fall for next year's conference. 
In the meantime, I would like to get ideas about how to write the call 
for papers to encourage people working in the field to suggest topics 
that would impact M&S.    (07)

Might even get you a subsidized trip to Montreal :-)    (08)

Ron    (09)

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