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From: "Martin Hepp (UniBW)" <martin.hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 11:05:42 +0200
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Dear all:    (01)

Thanks to the help of several partners, there are now new data sets and
tools related to the GoodRelations ontology for e-commerce:    (02)

1. OpenEAN data set: 1 million EAN/UPC codes plus respective labels
The full data set is at    (03)

http://openean.kaufkauf.net/id/    (04)

Individual commodity descriptions can be retrieved as follows:    (05)

http://openean.kaufkauf.net/id/EanUpc_<UPC/EAN>    (06)

Example:    (07)

http://openean.kaufkauf.net/id/EanUpc_0001067792600    (08)

With this data set, Point-of-Sale applications can simply query the
Semantic Web for the proper labels for a given UPC/EAN code. For
example, the proper label for the UPC/EAN code 0001067792600 can be
retrieved as follows:    (09)

SELECT ?uri, ?label WHERE {?uri rdf:type
<http://purl.org/goodrelations/v1#ProductOrServiceModel>. ?uri
"0001067792600"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#string>. ?uri
rdfs:label ?label}    (010)

Since the data set is already replicated in the Virtuoso LOD data space
(special thanks to Kingsley Idehen from OpenLink Software!), one can
simply query the respective SPARQL endpoint, e.g.:    (011)

http://lod.openlinksw.com/sparql?default-graph-uri=&query=SELECT+%3Furi%2C+%3Flabel+WHERE+{%3Furi+rdf%3Atype+%3Chttp%3A%2F%2Fpurl.org%2Fgoodrelations%2Fv1%23ProductOrServiceModel%3E.+%3Furi+%3Chttp%3A%2F%2Fpurl.org%2Fgoodrelations%2Fv1%23hasEAN_UCC-13%3E+%220001067792600%22^^%3Chttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2001%2FXMLSchema%23string%3E.+%3Furi+rdfs%3Alabel+%3Flabel}&format=text%2Fhtml&debug=on&timeout=    (012)

(alternatively, use http://tinyurl.com/qxwrt6)    (013)

A big thank you goes to Michael Pfeiffer from  Kaufkauf.net
(http://www.kaufkauf.net/index.php?l=en) for providing the data and for
hosting the RDF data set, and to Andreas Radinger and Tobias Ostheim for
the data conversion!    (014)

2. FreeclassOWL: Products and services ontology for the construction and
building industry
------------------------------------------------------------------------    (015)

This ontology defines 4,780 classes, 162 properties, and 1,182
qualitative values for products and services from the construction and
building materials domain. All labels are available in up to EIGHT
languages. FreeclassOWL is compatible with GoodRelations and available
under a Creative Commons 3.0 License.    (016)

Base URI:      http://www.freeclass.eu/freeclass_v1
Ontology:      http://www.freeclass.eu/freeclass_v1.owl
Documentation: http://www.freeclass.eu/freeclass_v1.html    (017)

A big thank you goes to Otto Handle from http://www.inndata.at/ for
making their Freeclass classification available for the Web of Data, and
to Andreas Radinger and Tobias Ostheim for the data conversion!    (018)

3. Extensions / Plug-ins for osCommerce and Joomla/Virtuemart
There are now working prototypes of export interfaces that allow
creating GoodRelations data directly from popular Web shop or CMS software.    (019)

a) osCommerce Web Shop Software    (020)

http://code.google.com/p/goodrelations-for-oscommerce/    (021)

(An alternative export project for osCommerce is at
http://triplify.org/Configuration/osCommerce.)    (022)

b)  Joomla/Virtuemart CMS/Shop combo    (023)

http://code.google.com/p/goodrelations-for-joomla/    (024)

A big thank you goes to Alex Stolz for his hard work in developing the
two components!    (025)

Also, Intershop recently completed an internal feasibility study and
prototype of RDFa and RDF/XML export for their Enfinity series. The
results are unfortunately not yet available to the general public, but
in case you are an Intershop client with Semantic Web interests, it
would not hurt to ask them...    (026)

Best wishes    (027)

Martin    (028)

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