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Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 17:09:05 -0700
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The National Center for Biomedical Ontology is pleased to announce the release of several services and widgets that will enable users to include the NCBO technologies on their own web sites and in their applications. Please see the following page for details:



Specifically, we have released:

Ontology Web Services: All the content that the NCBO BioPortal uses (and more!) is available via REST services. You can use the NCBO REST Services:

            • to access all BioPortal ontologies, their different versions, and metadata for those versions

            • to access information about any ontology concept in BioPortal (its definition, synonyms, and other properties)

            • to search across all ontologies in BioPortal

            • to get hierarchy information for BioPortal ontologies (such as parents, children, or siblings of a class, roots or leaves of a class hierarchy)


Annotator Web Service: A service that identifies mentions of biomedical ontology concepts in text that users submit. You can use the annotator service to tag automatically any item of interest with terms from UMLS and BioPortal ontologies.

Ontology Widgets: Put elements of BioPortal, custom-tailored for your ontology of interest, on your own Web site or in your Web form. To add these widgets, you need only to copy simple HTML or _javascript_ code to your own Web page (go to the "Ontology Widgets" tab on the page for individual ontology details to get the code pre-configured for the widgets using your ontology of interest).  The main kinds of widgets you get are:

            Term-selection field on a form: You can add a text field to your Web form that will let users enter a term from a controlled vocabulary (e.g., terms from a single ontology)

            Ontology search widget: You can add to your Web site a search box that searches a specific BioPortal ontology. When the user selects the term of interest (with the help of the look-ahead feature), he can jump to the BioPortal page for the corresponding concept in BioPortal.

            Track updates (RSS Feed widget): you can put a widget on your site that will have a live feed of all the changes to your ontology of interest, such as uploads of a new version, comments from other users, new mappings for concepts in your ontology.

            Ontology visualization widget: You can put a widget on your Web site that visualizes your entire ontology of interest, or some part of it, as on the "Visualize" tab in BioPortal.



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