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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 09:22:49 +0100
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I don't know if this topic has been covered in this forum before I
joined ontolog, but there is a lot of activity to make Drupal into a
framework for semantic publishing.    (01)

The basic Drupal RDF implementation can be found at
A lot of modules are already available that use this framework, you
can find a listing at http://drupal.org/taxonomy/term/116    (02)

Then there are 2 Distribution projects that should be of particular interest:    (03)

Neologism, a lightweight web-based vocabulary editor and publishing
tool built with Drupal. It's purpose is to make it easy to author a
vocabulary.  The Neologism project is free and open source and is
maintained by Cosmin Basca, Stéphane Corlosquet, Richard Cyganiak,
Sergio Fernández and Thomas Schandl.    (04)

"Just create a vocabulary, add classes and properties to it, and your
vocabulary is instantly published and available online. Several
formats are supported via content negotiation: HTML, RDF/XML and N3.
All the term URIs are dereferenceable and point to their human
readable description. Neologism currently supports a subset of
RDFS+OWL which includes rdfs:label, rdfs:comment, rdfs:domain,
rdfs:range, rdfs:subClassOf, rdfs:subPropertyOf, owl:inverseOf,
owl:disjointWith, owl:FunctionalProperty,
owl:InverseFunctionalProperty."    (05)

http://groups.drupal.org/node/12532    (06)

Another really interesting project is the The Science Collaboration
Framework (SCF), a project of the Initiative in Innovative Computing
at Harvard University in collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell
Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital, based on the Drupal open
source content management system.    (07)

"The Scientific Collaboration Framework (SCF) is reusable software
that can be used to develop web-based, collaborative, scientific
communities. The framework is designed to support interdisciplinary
scientists in publishing, annotating, sharing and discussing content
such as articles, perspectives, interviews and news items, as well as
assert personal biographies and research interests – the basics of any
online community. These web materials can then be linked to external,
heterogeneous knowledge repositories of life science resources such as
genes, antibodies, cell-lines or model organisms. SCF, thus supports
structured “Web 2.0” style community discourse amongst researchers,
makes various data resources available to the collaborating scientist
and captures the semantics of the relationship among the discourse and
resources.    (08)

Our framework is based on Drupal – a popular content management system
that is highly extensible and has a thriving ecosystem of contributed
modules. SCF includes new modules for managing publications,
interviews, member information, news items, announcements, and
biological entities (e.g., genes). The framework is freely available
as a Drupal distribution; however the modules can be used a la carte
as well."    (09)

http://sciencecollaboration.org/download    (010)

Stephane Corlosquet from DERI is planning a Drupal Semantic code
sprint in Galway.    (011)

Should you be interested in these initiative, feel free to get in touch.    (012)

Kristof    (013)

*****************************    (014)

I blog at http://www.pronovix.com/blog
Twitter at http://twitter.com/kvantomme    (015)

You can find my profiles on
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XING at https://www.xing.com/profile/Kristof_VanTomme    (016)

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