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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 12:07:15 -0800
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Fyi ...    (01)

... in particular, Ontolog has held workshops at previous
International Protege Conferences. Those among our community
membership in the EU who may be interested in helping organize one
this year, to promote the Ontolog community and some of the
initiatives we are working on, please write me (Peter Yim, with a copy
to Samson Tu at Stanford) so we can coordinate the effort.    (02)

Regards.  =ppy    (03)

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From: Samson Tu <swt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 11:37 AM
Subject: [protege-users] Call for tutorial and workshop proposals at
the 11th International Protege Conference
To: protege-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (04)

Apologies for multiple postings    (05)

This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting Tutorial and
Workshop proposals for the the 11th International Protege Conference
is March 2, 2009.    (06)

The 11th International Protege Conference will be held June 23-26,
2009 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.    (07)

We invite proposals for workshops, to be held on the first day of the
conference, June 23, 2009. We expect workshops will be half-day
events. The purpose of the workshops are to provide an informal
setting for participants to discuss technical issues and to exchange
research ideas. We expect that most of the workshops will be
interactive events, centering on discussions rather than
presentations. We strongly advise having more than one organizer,
bringing different perspectives to the workshop topic. We also
encourage submitters to contact us before the deadline if there is any
concern about overlap with other similar workshop topics. Workshop
attendees must pay the conference registration fee.    (08)

For details of workshop submission, please see
http://protege.stanford.edu/conference/2009/cfw.html.    (09)

We invite proposals for tutorials, to be held on the first day of the
conference, June 23, 2009. We encourage submitters to contact us before
the deadline if there are any concerns about overlap with other
similar tutorial topics.    (010)

For details of tutorial submission, please see
http://protege.stanford.edu/conference/2009/cft.html.    (011)

The Protege conference is a forum to discuss ontology development and
management, applications using ontologies, common problems and
solutions. The conference is also an opportunity for Protege users to
meet the Protege team, and to learn about our current activities and
plans.    (012)

The conference will include one day of tutorials and small focused
workshops on June 23 and two and a half days of the main
conference. The main program will include presentations, a poster
session, and a demo session. Thus, we would like to solicit your
contributions for all the events at the conference. You can find the
detailed calls for contributions at the conference Web site:
http://protege.stanford.edu/conference/2009/.  There will be a review
process for abstracts and the number of presentations will be limited.
All events at the conference will address the following topics (the
list is not exhaustive):    (013)

- ontology development
- frames vs description logic
- standard terminologies
- biomedical applications
- other innovative applications
- interoperability between different formats
- plug-in development
- visualization tools
- project management
- ontology tools
- reasoning and inference
- collaboration tools
- ontology repository    (014)

The deadlines for submissions are as follows:    (015)

Tutorials and Workshop (no more than 2 pages): March 2, 2009
Presentations/Posters/Demos (no more than 3 pages): April 6, 2009
(For details, please see http://protege.stanford.edu/conference/2009/)    (016)

If you have questions, you can contact the organizers by email at
protege-conf-organizers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (017)

We look forward to your contributions and to seeing as many of you as
possible in June 2009!    (018)

The Protege Team    (019)

Samson Tu                                   email: swt@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Senior Research Scientist                   web: www.stanford.edu/~swt/
Center for Biomedical Informatics Research  phone: 1-650-725-3391
Stanford University                         fax: 1-650-725-7944    (020)

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