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[ontolog-forum] Ontology at ModSimWorld Canada

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I am one of the organizers of the ModSim World Canada conference  June 
8-11 in Montreal, Canada.    (01)

The conference is about Modeling, Simulation and Immersive Learning. It 
works in conjunction with ModSim World Hampton Roads which is held in 
the fall.    (02)

There are streams planned for
Health,Medicine and Biotech,
Defense and Homeland Security,
Transportation and Logistics,
Aeronautics and Aerospace
Engineering and Technology
Energy and Natural Resources
Education and Research
Government    (03)

I know that there are people in M&S who are investigating ontology as 
the base for simulations and learning activities.
The large system integration companies such as Lockheed Martin and CAE 
are sponsors and will have senior people in attendance. We also expect a 
strong government and industry participation. We expect about 500 attendees.    (04)

If you have some expertise that you want to share or have an idea for 
how ontology could be used in any of these areas to improve modeling or 
simulations, I would be pleased to arrange to have you speak at the 
conference. There will be 8 sessions in each stream and at the moment 
the field is wide open.    (05)

If you have a killer application that requires the push from a large 
system integrator to get it started, there will be opportunities to meet 
senior people who are looking for projects.    (06)

The web site is very preliminary at this stage since we just signed the 
deal before Xmas but it will get more details as the days go on.  
www.modsimworldcanada.com  The ModSim site is www.modsimworld.com. It is 
also pretty light as they have taken down the site dedicated to last 
year's conference and are starting to fill in this year's info.    (07)

Montreal in June is definitely a pleasant and interesting place to be. 
We like to think that the conference is just a replacement for the F1 
Grand Prix that used to take place the same week.    (08)

Ron    (09)

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