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Speaker of semantics, is this Washington, DC, the state or the university?    (01)

D    (02)

On 10/12/08 1:37 PM, "Marco Neumann" <marco.neumann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (03)

The The Washington Semantic Web Meetup invites you to join us for the last 
event this year of the Washington Semantic Web Meetup group.    (04)

Please RSVP here:
http://semweb.meetup.com/31/calendar/9111746/    (05)

Vocabulary Round-Up: Available Ontologies and Taxonomies    (06)

and    (07)

Semantic Bash-Up: 2008 Washington Semantic Web Meetup Celebration    (08)

Join us for a special two-in-one event! On December 11, our regular monthly 
meeting will be followed by the Semantic Bash-Up! Join us at the trendy new 
Reyes+Davis exhibition space as we celebrate the success and growth we've had 
during our first year.    (09)

First, in our December meeting, we will explore the growing number of 
ontologies and taxonomies that are available for the Semantic Web. Our first 
speaker will be Rick Murphy, of GSA, who will be speaking to us about using 
shared concepts for formal specifications. He will then join a panel of other 
experts, who will be answering questions and demonstrating the various RDF/OWL 
vocabularies that are available to us.    (010)

Vocabularies are vital to the proper development of shared semantics. To share 
data openly, we need to use the same language as others who are using or 
creating similar data. To use a worn-out cliche, we need to read from the same 
"sheet of music". RDF vocabularies are the language dictionaries, or the 
songbooks that carry the music sheets, of the Semantic Web. Using standard 
ontologies is a core part of working with RDF. However, they can be a little 
hard to find when you need them, even if you know they must exist because you 
keep hearing the O word!    (011)

Join us as we take a tour of some vocabularies and their terms. We'll discuss 
Dublin Core, Wordnet, SUMO, OBO, FOAF and others. We'll learn about the 
differences between taxonomies and ontologies, and how they are created. We'll 
then apply this by creating an example RDF document using terms from existing 
ontologies. We will have panelists representing different sectors of government 
and industry. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see what is going on in 
ontology development.    (012)

Our Panelists:    (013)

Kingsley Idehen, OpenLink Software
Rick Murphy, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Adam Pease, Articulate Software
Dr. Nigam Shah, National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO)    (014)

Afterwards, there will be a reception to celebrate our first year of growth and 
learning. Beer, wine and cheese will be provided courtesy of Reyes+Davis. Bring 
a friend or significant other to join us in the celebration!    (015)

7:00  Rick Murphy Presentation
7:30  Ontology/Taxonomy Expert Panel
8:30  Document Examples
9:00  Semantic Bash-Up / Networking    (016)

Brian Eubanks
Your The Washington Semantic Web Meetup Organizer
http://semweb.meetup.com/25    (017)

Marco Neumann
Your New York Semantic Web Meetup & Semantic Web Meetup Alliance Organizer
http://www.meetupalliance.com/SemanticWeb/    (018)

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