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Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 12:36:15 -0700
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We had, on Thursday 16-Oct-2008, our session-2 of the "Emerging
Ontology Showcase" mini-series, an initiative co-championed by
Professor Ken Baclawski (Northeastern University) and Mr. Mike Bennett
(Hypercube Ltd., UK). Professor Baclawski presided over this session.    (01)

After a brief opening, Sven Van Poucke, MD (Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg
Genk, Belgium) presented on their WoundOntology, and their community -
the Woundontology Consortium - that is responsible for the
WoundOnotlogy's design, development, application and promotion. Dr.
Van Poucke's talk was entitled:  "Ontologists and Domain Experts
focusing on Chronic Wounds : Different Worlds on the Same Planet?" He
pointed out the key challenge facing the development of ontologies
when the ontologists and the domain experts have very different
expertise and practically share nothing in common, and solicited
support from communities of practice, like Ontolog, and help bridge
that gap.    (02)

That talk was followed by a presentation given by Professor Martin
Hepp (Bundeswehr University, Munich, Germany), entitled: "The Good
Relations Ontology: Making Semantic Web-based E-Commerce a Reality,"
during which he shared with us the design considerations and other
insights gained through the development of their "Good Relations"
ontology. Both talks were really wonderful; and an active Q&A and open
discussion ensued.    (03)

A huge "Thank You" should go to our two featured speakers - Dr. Sven
Van Poucke and Professor Martin Hepp. And, as always, our
appreciations also go out to all who joined us at the event.    (04)

Full proceedings - including agenda, abstracts, slides, audio
recording, podcast and the transcript of the live chat session are all
online now. They can be accessed from the session page on the
OntologWiki at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_09_25    (05)

The proceedings, and in particular, Dr. Van Poucke and Professor
Hepp's contributions, are again, contributing to the Ontolog body of
knowledge that this community is collectively building. We shall
continue to look to this mini-series to provide opportunities for
community members to give exposure to their new work products, and to
provide a setting for ontology developers to exchange ideas, help
improve quality, as well as promote collaboration and convergence.
Thank you, everyone!    (06)

Best regards. =ppy    (07)

Peter Yim,  Co-conveners, ONTOLOG
"Emerging Ontology Showcase" mini-series co-champions,
Ken Baclawski  &  Mike Bennett    (08)

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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: Emerging Ontology Showcase: session-2 - WoundOntology &
GoodRelations Ontology -Thu 2008.10.16
To: ontolog-invitation@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (09)

*Important Notice*    (010)

ALL: There is a change in the dial-in number for tomorrow's session.
They will be:    (011)

* 2008.10.16 session dial-in numbers:
** from a '''US telephone (US): +1-218-486-3600''' (domestic long
distance cost will apply)
** When calling in from a phone, use '''Conference ID: "4389979#"'''
** '''from Europe, call:'''
*** Austria 0820-4000-1577
*** Belgium 070-35-9992
*** France 0826-100-280
*** Germany 01805-00-7642
*** Ireland 0818-270-037
*** Italy 0848-390-179
*** Spain 0902-886-056
*** Switzerland 0848-560-327 or 0848-414-110
*** UK 0870-738-0765
** callers '''from other countries''' please dial into either one of
the US or European numbers    (012)

Please refer to other details on the session page at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_10_16    (013)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy
--    (014)

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 4:03 PM, Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ref.  http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_10_16
> = *REMINDER* =
> The subject Emerging Ontology Showcase panel session-2 will be here
> tomorrow - Thursday, 16-Oct-2008
> starting at 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT / 6:30pm BST / 7:30pm CEST / 17:30 UTC.
> Please refer to details on the session page at:
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_10_16
> You will only need your phone line and access to the Internet to participate.
> *RSVP* by e-mailing the sender <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> off-line to
> register your attendance, if you haven't already done so. (If you
> aren't already on the [ontolog-invitation] list, kindly include your
> name, affiliation and job title as well.)
> Thanks & regards. =ppy
> --    (015)

> On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 6:22 AM, Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You are cordially invited to join us at the upcoming ...
>> *Emerging Ontology Showcase Panel Session (session-2) - Thu 16-Oct-2008    (016)

>> The number of publicly available ontologies is growing rapidly, with
>> search engines reporting over 10,000 already. This is the beginning of
>> a mini-series intended to provide a venue for the developers of major
>> new ontologies to present their work products to the ontology
>> community. Each session will showcase 2 or 3 important ontologies that
>> were recently released or updated.    (017)

>> At this panel session, we will be hearing about two works:
>>  *   Sven Van Pouke, MD on the Wound Ontology - http://www.woundontology.com/
>> &
>>  *   Professor Martin Hepp on the Good Relations ontology -
>> http://purl.org/goodrelations/    (018)

>> Conference Call Details:
>> * Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008
>> * Start Time:
>>  10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT / 6:30pm BST / 7:30pm CEST / 17:30 UTC
>>  o see world clock -
>> * Expected Call Duration: 1.5~2.0 hours
>> * Dial-in Number:
>>  o Direct call from from Skype: +990008275823120
>>  o When calling in from a phone, use Conference ID: "5823120#"
>>  o from a US telephone (US): +1-605-475-8590 (South Dakota, US)
>>  o from Europe, call:
>>  + Belgium 070-35-9989
>>  + Germany 01805-00-7649
>>  + UK 0870-738-0763    (019)

>> Please refer to full agenda and details (including more dial-in
>> numbers from other countries) at the session wiki page
>> at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2008_10_16    (020)

>> This event, like all Ontolog virtual events, is open and free of
>> charge. Anyone who is interested, or (better still) who may have
>> something to contribute, is welcome. Please refer to event details on
>> the session page, to which the hyperlink is given below, where you
>> will find session agenda, conference call dial-in, slides and other
>> pertinent information. Feel free to pass this invitation along to
>> colleagues who may also find these sessions to be of interest.    (021)

>> *RSVP* by emailing Peter Yim at <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> offline (or add
>> yourself directly to the session page if you are already an Ontolog
>> member) so that we can prepare enough resources to support everyone.
>> [Please state clearly the event or date of the session you are
>> registering for.]    (022)

>> The sessions will be recorded. Before participating, please make sure
>> you are cognizant of our IPR policy
>> (ref: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid32).
>>    (023)

>> Regards.  =ppy
>> Peter Yim (co-convener, Ontolog),  for the...
>> Emerging Ontology Showcase mini-series co-champions,
>>  Ken Baclawski  (Northeastern University)
>>  Mike Bennett  (Hypercube Ltd., UK)
>> --    (024)

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