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[ontolog-forum] First call for presentations on Implementation of Ontolo

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Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 16:51:45 -0700
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Kurt and I are hosting another epic session in a series of presentations to explore the ways people have implemented ontology or semantic work into their IT infrastructure.  While most of the talks on this forum are not directly tied to implementation work, this series has been the exception.  In the spirit of our community, we would like to invite comments back on to the session as well.

These have historically been some of the best attended session on this forum.

Date: Nov 27, 2008

Draft Abstract: Ontology and Semantics are subjects that often get discussed
in the theoretical world. Many people who read the work are left with
questions such as "How can I implement this" or at least wonder what some
concrete first steps might be. This session will tackle the issue of
implementation by having speakers share their experiences in terms of the
problems they faced and the solutions they chose to solve their ontological
and semantic problems.

The stub page is here:

We are looking for presentations that match the following:

  • Ontology and Data modeling tools
  • Semantics Registry-repository work
  • Metadata standards or formats
  • Search and retrieval tools
  • other implementation focused topics

Please respond privately to Kurt and I

Conrad at sagebrushgroup.com and dnickull at adobe dot com

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