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Apologies for duplication. This announcement is being distributed through 
various lists. Please redistribute to others who might be interested.    (01)

New Dimensions in Knowledge Organization Systems    (02)

A Joint NKOS/CENDI Workshop
The World Bank
1818 H St., NW
Board Room, 13th Floor
Washington, DC
September 11, 2008    (03)

Registration fee: $100
Deadline: September 3, 2008    (04)

CENDI and the Networked Knowledge Organization Systems Working Group are 
joining together to hold this workshop on Knowledge Organization Systems. It 
will be hosted by the World Bank, 1818 H Street, NW, Washington DC on September 
11, 2008. The workshop will focus on advances in terminology systems and 
services. It will cover aspects such as interoperability, mapping, 
collaborative KOS development, metadata for terminology and terminology 
resources, registries and standards.  The Knowledge Organization Systems will 
cover a wide range from authority files to formal ontologies. Speakers will 
represent government, academic and commercial organizations from a variety of 
disciplines including agriculture, the environment and biomedicine.    (05)

The registration form, a preliminary program and additional information are 
available at http://www.cendi.gov/activities/events.html.    (06)


Sponsored by CENDI and the Networked Knowledge Organization Systems Working 
Group Hosted by The World Bank    (08)

The World Bank, Washington, DC
Board Room, 13th Floor
September 11, 2008    (09)

7:00-9:00am Badging, Registration and Networking 9:00 am Welcome and Program 
Introduction Gail Hodge, NKOS Program Chair/CENDI Secretariat Aileen Morse, 
Enterprise Architect, The World Bank Knowledge Organization Systems
9:15 am Present and Future Standards (Sue Ellen Wright, Kent State Univ.)
9:45 am SKOS: New Dimensions in Interoperability (Ed Summers, Library of 
Congress) and Jon Phipps (Cornell Univ.)
10:15 am Break
10:45 am Knowledge Organization Systems and Search (Jay Ven Eman, Access 
Innovations, Inc.)
11:15 am Experiences in Mapping Multiple Vocabularies in Agriculture (Lori 
Finch, National Agricultural Library)
11:45 am Lunch
12:45 pm Folksonomies and Taxonomies: Where the Two Can Meet (Jian Qin, 
Syracuse University) Knowledge Organization Services
1:15 pm Terminology Services (Diane Vizine-Goetz, OCLC)
1:45 pm Semantic Media Wiki: A Tool for Collaborative Vocabulary Development 
(Harold Solbrig, Mayo Clinic)
2:15 pm Metadata for Terminology Resources (Marcia Lei-Zeng, Kent State Univ.)
2:45 pm Break
3:15 pm OSTI Word Web: A Search Tool Using an Integrated Taxonomy and Thesaurus 
of Science (David Wojick, Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and 
Technical Information)
3:45 pm Open Ontology Registries (Frank Olken, National Science Foundation)
4:15 pm  Using Vocabularies on the GRID (Denise Warzel, National Cancer 
Institute/National Institutes of Health) 4:45pm Wrap Up (Gail Hodge, CENDI 
Secretariat) 5:00pm Adjourn    (010)

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