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For those interested, we have extended the deadline for paper submissions to the "International Conference on Enterprises *as* Systems: 
Theory and Theory in Action". The new deadline is September 1st. Further conference information may be found at www.enterprisesystemtheory.net.
As a reminder, the conference has identified (formal) ontology as a special topic area to be addressed in the context of enterprises *as* systems. The three major themes are:
1. enterprises as systems in the (general) systems-theoretic sense (systemics and the systems family of disciplines)
2. the formal and/or empirical representation of such systems for description, explanation, simulation and prediction (formal / empirical theory)
3. the application of theory in analysis / design, architecture / engineering and operation of (inter-, intra-) enterprise systems and enterprises *as* systems
The term 'enterprise' refers to the whole: organization (people) + technology.
Papers may be grounded in research and / or practice.  Ontology may be applied to any combination of the three themes either to address enterprises as a whole, subsystems found within enterprises, and supersystems of networked enterprises. Alternatively, ontology (sub-)systems (in the general systems theoretic sense) and may be considered.

Questions may be addressed to: questions [at] enterprisesystemtheory [dot] net.
Matthew K. Hettinger
Mathet Consulting, Inc. Organizer and Sponsor

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