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Re: [ontolog-forum] Data Models v. Ontologies (again)

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John,    (02)

        The only doubt I would raise here is that a basic textbook of
traditional logic, as at least exemplified by the basic texts of Port
Royale school, takes several hours to read, but can be re-written as
statements in set theory that take only a few minutes to understand.    (03)

        Also, in Terry Eagleton's "Literary Criticism" from the 1980's,
a plea is made to return the focus of university courses in English to
rhetoric. My suspicion is that in practice this pleas has been usurped
by "Media Studies", now one of the most derided qualifications in the
UK.    (04)

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> Perhaps today, but that level of knowledge was expected of 
> every university graduate from the 13th to the 19th 
> centuries.  The basic textbook, _Summulae Logicales_ by Peter 
> of Spain, was written around 1239.  It contained a 
> combination of logic and ontology based on Aristotle together 
> with systematic methods for analyzing natural language 
> sentences (Latin, in those days) and mapping them to logic.
> The old curriculum was based on the "seven liberal arts" -- the
> *trivium* of language arts (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and 
> the *quadrivium* of mathematical arts (arithmetic, geometry, 
> music, and astronomy).  For a good English version based on 
> the traditional texts, I recommended    (07)

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