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[ontolog-forum] Web 2.0 Design Patterns book with ontology throughout.

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On the subject of books (and possibly bordering on self promotion), I too have a new book coming out and I would like to thank everyone (all of you) on this list.  Your contributions have been the basis of many of the statements in this book about the pragmatic side of ontology and semantics.  In fact, I make several references to this forum throughout the book and try the best I could to impart some of the collective wisdom I have learned from all of you.   Throughout, there are several places where we espouse ontology work as a key ingredient of what the internet is moving towards.  There is a full section discussing how folksonomies can benefit from being coupled to formal ontology work.  There are additional sections dealing with semantics and metadata reconciliations.

The book itself is entitled Web 2.0 Design Patterns (O’Reilly Press) and co-authored by James Governor (Redmonk), Dion Hinchcliffe and myself.  


James and I discuss it further here:


I can safely say that if this community hadn’t existed, the book would not be anywhere near as complete.

Once again – thank you all (even when I didn’t agree with you all, it forced me to think)!!


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