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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 12:16:18 -0600
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Sean>>A robot that fetches claret is amusing, but an autonomous target
selector/destroyer is monstrous.    (02)

>>Pat>Better get used to the idea. Prototypes are being built as we
speak.    (03)

>>Already there are devices deployed in Iraq which return fire from a 
>>humvee completely automatically (and with deadly precision.) They can 
>>extrapolate back to the firing point by listening to the attacking 
>>bullets. Personally, I have no problem with this, >myself.    (04)

>Well then I hope that we can come up with a REALLY good definition for
>"free fire zones" for these agents.
> :-)    (05)

>We can put off the fuzzier topic of "concern for humanity".  But
>as a semantic agent community, shouldn't we give some more thought to
>"target selection" constraints?  Humans have distaste for certain
>things/actions as result of a long evolution and cultures enhance some
>of our possible selection.  Building in such constraints seems like a
>good strategy...but of course combat lowers the barriers to such
>things....and that's perhaps a problem for development of our early
>autonomous agents.    (06)

>Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.    (07)

To get off this tangent and having worked around such systems at a prior
employer, the solution for the automatic return of fire from a sniper,
once the system has determined the originating location of the inbound
fire, is only good for several seconds as either the target and/or
sniper is likely in motion. If the system can't return fire pretty much
immediately there's no point in firing at all, it's just a waste of
ammunition. As to the grander considerations (constraints) of the
system's use, that's what the rules of engagement (ROE) are for, to
define the parameters for its autonomous use and also when a human is in
the loop. If a valid solution targets a sniper firing from a hospital
window, such a system will fire unless a human interrupts it.    (08)

Don    (09)

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