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FYI. Main deliverable: IKL, Interoperable Knowledge Language: roughly ISO Common Logic on "steroids", with a context logic, inter-theory scenarios, etc.

The major accomplishments of the IKRIS Challenge Workshop are summarized as follows:

·        IKL—the IKRIS Knowledge Language.  This is the key technical result of the IKRIS Challenge Workshop.  IKL is a formally-specified language, based on an emerging ISO standard called Common Logic, into and out of which a variety of distinctly different knowledge representation (KR) formalisms can be translated.

·        ICL—the IKRIS Context Logic.  ICL is a logic formalism for representing and reasoning about context-dependent knowledge, including alternative hypotheses, points of view, world states and scenarios.

·        ISIT—the IKRIS Scenarios Inter-Theory.  The Scenarios Inter-Theory specifies an approach to translating among the principal formalisms in current use for declaratively representing processes.

·        Evaluation Report.  The Evaluation Working Group has produced a report showing that IKL is a sound and effective mechanism for knowledge interchange.

·        Capstone Demonstration.  The Capstone Demonstration serves both as an evaluation of knowledge interchange using IKL, and as an illustration of the potential Intelligence Community impact of the IKRIS-developed approach to interoperability.

·       IKL translators.  IKRIS participants at Stanford University implemented a set of software tools for building automated translators into and out of IKL.

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Subject: Public release of IKRIS technical documents

To the IKRIS community:
It has taken a long time, but at last all the technical specifications and final reports from the IKRIS workshop have been approved by the Government for public release and posted on the IKRIS public website:
Please feel free to circulate this announcement and web link widely.

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