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Re: [ontolog-forum] Definition Set 1

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From: Jon Awbrey <jawbrey@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 23:10:24 -0400
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Chris,    (02)

I should have noted that those ''...'' markings are wikispeak
for italics, the customary usage for variables.  I've gotten
where doing that is a nearly unconscious automatism of my
parsing routine.  I use '..' or "..." for quotations.    (03)

Jon    (04)

CM: I thank Jon for his surgery on my post.  I take very mild exception
    only to his introduction of several sets of quotation marks into the
    discussion of first order logic.  Thus, I'd prefer to return that
    paragraph to its original state:    (05)

CM: Jon had put double quotes around 'S' and 'A' above.  However, in the
    discussion, they are serving as metavariables, ranging over sets and
    formulas, respectively.  Hence, as I was using them, they should not
    be quoted.    (06)

CM: A minor point, admittedly, but picky, I mean "picky",
    is my middle name. :-)    (07)

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