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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 16:17:28 -0700
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Sorry for cross posting, but the SOA community is conducting some work with
ontological implications.  The OASIS group is working hard on a reference
architecture to supplement the abstract reference model.  The RA work
requires a deeper level of definition as it is more concrete.    (01)

Any help or advice on how these two groups might be able to help each other
would be appreciated.  If there is interest, I can raise the issue of a
formal liaison with the OASIS side and also get the administrivia out of the
way so we can get some input.    (02)

There will be a draft of the RA document coming out soon too and if this
community could help with the ontological aspects it would be appreciated.    (03)

Duane    (04)

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From: Danny Thornton <danny_thornton2@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 13:44:41 -0700 (PDT)
To: <michael.poulin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <soa-rm-ra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] Policy_Contract_Business diagram - some questions    (05)

Hi Micheal,    (06)

A proposition is an expression whose truth can be
measured.  The following is the definition from the
Business via Services section.    (07)

Proposition:  A proposition is an expression, normally
in a language that has a well-defined written form,
that expresses some property of the world from the
perspective of a stakeholder. The truth of the
proposition may be measured  using a decision
procedure  by examining the world and checking that
the proposition and the world are consistent with each
other.    (08)

The beginning diagram in the policies and contracts
model is a tie to the Business via Services section.
The differentiating meaning between Policy and
Contract is in the Business Via Services world.  The
IT mechanisms measure the propositions of both
policies and contracts.    (09)

Danny    (010)

--- michael.poulin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:    (011)

> Hi Folks,
> I guess you are having fun... at the F2F
> I have (finally) looked at Policy_Contract_Business,
> posted recently, and would like to comment it.
> The Policy_Contract_Business diagram demonstrates a
> few things I do not catch:
> 1) what does mean a Policy contains many
> Propositions? Is it because this is the only way (?)
> to specify the state of the Policy? What does mean a
> Proposition gets satisfied in the State?
> 2) what particular architectural value a State adds
> to the Proposition or to a Policy if there are no
> constraints represented based on the State value
> (Private/Public)? This seems as incomplete a little.
> 3) the most problematic to me is the absence of
> relationship between a Contract and a Policy. If
> Proposition is interpreted as an "instance" of a
> Contract (which in such case becomes just a Contract
> Template), I think, I get it. That is, the Contract
> and the Policies are now in one document. (However,
> what the architectural difference a Public or
> Private Contract makes? Isn't this a security
> concern rather than architecture's one?). However,
> if you have different meaning for the Proposition, I
> certainly have a problem with it.
> For these days, I am working on the XML Schema for
> the Service Contract for my organisation and, after
> a few energetic discussions, I have to say that we
> came up with a Contract Template which allows a
> reference to the Policy (in a Policy Repository) as
> well as a direct Policy inclusion in the actual
> Contract (aka Contract instance).
> 4) once again, if the Proposition in the diagram is
> a Contract instance, why we do not name it an
> Agreement?
> Thank you,
> - Michael 
>     (012)

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