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Re: [ontolog-forum] sources sought information sharing capabilities

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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 13:31:25 -0700
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Hi, Peter --    (01)

I just now noticed your response to Information Sharing initiative.  I 
work for a company called Eurostep and - as you may guess from the name 
- our presence is must larger in Europe than in the US.  We're not an 
"ontology" company in the sense of reasoning, but we are an "ontology" 
company with respect to information sharing, system integration, and 
application interoperability.  I'd be interested in talking with you 
more about this if you think it would be worthwhile.    (02)

Thanks    (03)

Bill    (04)

Peter F Brown wrote:
> I'd certainly be interested in talking with anyone offlist regarding this, as 
>we are looking at a similar initiative within the European Union, among public 
>administrations here (and between 27 countries and 22 languages). I'll also be 
>at the OntologySummit if anyone wants to follow up there...
> regards,
> Peter
> -------------
> Peter F Brown
> Founder, Pensive.eu
> Chair, CEN eGovernment Focus Group
> Co-Editor, OASIS SOA Reference Model
> Lecturer at XML Summer School
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> Personal:
> +43 676 610 0250
> http://public.xdi.org/=Peter.Brown
> www.XMLbyStealth.net
> www.xmlsummerschool.com
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> Hey All:
> First apologies to all who consider this an off-list topic.
> I wanted to point out that the folks at GSA, of which I am one, have an 
>   open sources sought notice on fedbizopps.gov.
> For those not familiar with fedbizopps, simply go to the site and enter 
> GSAPDL42607 in the quick search field. The search will return a 
> reference to "D - Sources Sought for Information Sharing Capabilities."
> Read the details and follow the instructions. We hope to hear from 
> everyone !
>       (05)

William C. Burkett
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