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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontologies and Algebraic Specifications

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From: "John A. Bateman" <bateman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 08:53:40 +0100
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> "I personally feel that SAS experience would be useful for specifying
> ontologies, but the subject matter of ontology is much broader."  My
> message was a long-winded way of asking the question: What would have to
> be added  (and what, if anything, would be too hard to add) to write
> useful ontologies in a language similar to those used for SAS?    (01)

Probably it is the other way round. In our current work
using CASL for ontologies, we are focusing particularly
on the *structuring* mechanisms provided by CASL as
a way of making ontology construction more effective
and more usable. Since CASL separates cleanly between
the specifications of logical theories and the
formal structural/semantic relationships holding over
theories, we are considering how the structuring layer
might be a useful/necessary addition to relatively
unstructured logical specifications (such as Common
Logic). For info about the use of CASL for ontologies,
see:    (02)

   author = {Klaus {L\"uttich} and Till Mossakowski},
   title = {Specification of ontologies in {CASL}},
   booktitle = {Proceedings of the International Conference on Formal 
Ontology in Information Systems {(FOIS-2004)}},
   year = {2004},
   editor = {Achille C. Varzi and Laure Vieu},
   pages = {140--150},
   address = {Amsterdam},
   publisher = {IOS PRess},
   location = {Trento, Italy},
   topics = {area.ontology},
}    (03)

   author =      {Klaus {L\"uttich} and Till Mossakowski and Bernd
   title =       {Ontologies for the Semantic Web in {CASL}},
   journal =     {17th International Workshop on Algebraic Development
                   Techniques ({WADT 2004})},
   year =        {2005},
   editor = {J. L. Fiadeiro and P. Mosses and F. Orejas},
   pages =       {106--125},
   number =      {3423},
   pdfurl = {http://www.tzi.de/~luettich/papers/owl-casl-dl.pdf},
   publisher =   {Springer},
   address =     {Berlin},
   series =      {LNCS},
   topics =      {area.ontology},
}    (04)

As well as the examples reported previously on this
list concerning spatial ontology and its embedding within
DOLCE. To save email traffic on this list I have put the
relevant paper (forthcoming in the Spatial Cognition
and Computation journal) up on a website:    (05)

http://www.fb10.uni-bremen.de/anglistik/langpro/webspace/jb/xfer/index-onto.htm    (06)

(should all on one line unless your browser attempts to be 'helpful')    (07)

John B.    (08)

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