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From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 09:46:14 -0800
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On Thursday 22-Feb-2007, we had a very well attended virtual 
session with Dr. Steven Ray (NIST) presenting the 4th Event in 
the Joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR "Ontology Evaluation & Measurement" 
Mini-Series. Invited speakers, Professor Michael Gruninger 
(University of Toronto) and Mr. Conrad Bock (NIST), gave a 
formidable presentation on "Evaluating Reasoning Systems: 
Ontology Languages." The talk is based on a very comprehensive 
(95-page) report authored by Bock, Gruninger et al. and published 
in May-2006 by NIST under the tilte "Evaluating Reasoning Systems."    (01)

This talk is really timely, as it is so relevant to our ongoing 
"Ontology Summit 2007" discourse. Our appreciations go out to 
Professor Grininger and Mr. Bock for sharing their wonderful work 
with us; to Dr. Ray for championing this mini-series; and, as 
always, to all the participants for joining us and for 
contributing to the extensive discussion we had during the session.    (02)

Proceedings of the session are captured on our wiki page, at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_02_22#nidTSZ    (03)

In particular, full audio recording of the session is now
available - see:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_02_08#nidTEM     (04)

... we are glad we have captured this session into our archives 
and have it preserved for posterity. This presentation and the 
ensuing discussion contribute to another significant item in the 
body of knowledge on ontology and ontological engineering that 
our community is building together. Thanks again!    (05)

Best regards. =ppy    (06)

P.S. Upcoming events: (see: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nidW)    (07)

* Thursday, 1-March-2007 - Dr. Tom Gruber, the ex-Stanford 
scientist who defined the term "ontology" in the sense we apply 
to its use in computer science, artificial intelligence and the 
semantic web these days, will be our invited speaker. Dr. 
Gruber's talk will be on: "Grande Challenges for Ontology Design" 
... Please refer to details. at the session wiki page at: 
... RSVP now (mailto:peter.yim@xxxxxxxx offline) if you haven't 
already done so!    (08)

* Thursday, 8-March-2007 - we will be presenting the 5th session
in the "Database And Ontology" Mini-Series - Dr. Adrian Walker,
CTO of Reengineering LLC, will be our invited speaker. He will be
presenting a talk on "Usability, Databases and Ontologies"    (09)

* An archive of noteworthy past Ontolog events can be found at: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nidZ    (010)

Tx. =ppy
--     (011)

Peter P. Yim wrote Wed, 21 Feb 2007 00:55:56 -0800:
Subject: Re: [ontolog-invitation] NIST-Ontolog-NCOR mini-series 
on "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" - Prof. Michael 
Gruninger & Mr. Conrad Bock - Thu 2007.02.22
> Re: 
> http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_02_22    (012)

> The 4th event in the joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR mini-series on 
> "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" is coming up (tomorrow) 
> this Thursday 22-Feb-2007 (starting at 1:30pm EST / 10:30am PST / 
> 6:30pm BST / 18:30 UTC).    (013)

> Dr. Gruninger and Mr. Bock's previous talks have been among the 
> most downloaded presentations from the Ontolog archives. The 
> topic they will be covering at this time, is: "Evaluating 
> Reasoning Systems: Ontology Languages." ... Anyone who wants to 
> get a clear explanation on how ontologies, semantics, knowledge 
> representation languages and logic interplay in the formal 
> ontology space, should make sure they come to this event.    (014)

> RSVP by e-mailing the sender (<peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>) off-line if 
> you are planning to attend and haven't already responded. (If you 
> aren't already an Ontolog member, kindly include your name, 
> affiliation and job title as well in your response.)
> We look forward to having you at the session.
> Regards.  =ppy    (015)

Peter P. Yim wrote Tue, 13 Feb 2007 00:31:41 -0800:
 > Re:
 >    (016)

 > The Ontolog Forum is pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Ray
 > (NIST, USA) will be presenting the 4th event of the joint
 > NIST-Ontolog-NCOR mini-series on "Ontology Measurement and
 > Evaluation,"  Thursday, 22-Feb-2007. Professor Michael
 > Gruninger (University of Toronto, Canada) and Mr. Conrad Bock
 > (NIST, USA) will be our invited speakers.  They will be giving
 > the talk entitled: "Evaluating Reasoning Systems."
 > We take pleasure in inviting you to join us at this
 > virtual event.
 >    (017)

 > *Conference call-in details*:
 > Date: Thursday, 22-February-2007
 > Start Time: 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 18:30 GMT/UTC
 >    (World Time:
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?month=2&day=22&year=2007&hour=10&min=30&sec=0&p1=224    (018)

 > )
 > Session Duration: 1.5~2.0 Hours
 > Dial-in Number:
 >    o from US: +1-605-475-8590 (South Dakota, USA)
 >    o from Europe, call:
 >      * Belgium 070-35-9989
 >      * France 0826-100-277
 >      * Germany 01805-00-7649
 >      * Ireland 0818-270-034
 >      * Italy 0848-390-175
 >      * Switzerland 0848-560-195
 >      * UK 0870-738-0763
 >    o callers from other countries please dial into either one
 >      of the US or European numbers
 >    o Conference ID: "5823120#"
 >    o Direct call from from Skype: +990008275823120
 > Shared-screen support will be available
 >    (019)

 > Session Chair: *Dr. Steven Ray* (NIST)
 > Invited Speakers:
 >          *Professor Michael Gruninger* (U. of Toronto)
 >          *Mr. Conrad Bock* (NIST)
 >    (020)

 > Topic: *Evaluating Reasoning Systems*
 > *Abstract*: (by Michael Gruninger & Conrad Bock)
 > We present a taxonomy of representation languages, ordered by
 > expressiveness. We will use the following characteristics to
 > specify a profile for each language in the taxonomy:
 > monotonicity, soundness and completeness, complexity,
 > model-theoretic properties. We will use the following three
 > properties of a reasoning system to characterize its
 > representation language: theory language is used to specify the
 > knowledge bases that are used by the reasoning system, Query
 > language is used to specify the queries that are solved by the
 > reasoning system, and ontology that specifies any set of
 > background axioms that are implicitly used by the reasoning
 > system.    (021)

 > *About the Speakers*:
 > *Michael Gruninger* is a Professor at the Department of
 > Mechanical & Industrial Engineering of University of Toronto
 > (Ontario, Canada). His research focus is in the design and
 > formal characterization of ontologies and their application
 > to problems in manufacturing and enterprise engineering.
 > Previously, he has held research positions at the Institute
 > for Systems Research at the University of Maryland College
 > Park and at the National Institute for Standards and
 > Technology (NIST) in the USA. Michael received his Ph.D.
 > and M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Toronto
 > and his B.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of
 > Alberta. He has been the project leader for the Process
 > Specification Language project at NIST. He is also the project
 > leader for ISO 18629 (Process Specification Language) within
 > the International Standards Organization (ISO), and he was
 > the project editor for project ISO 24707 (Common Logic).
 > *Conrad Bock* is a computer scientist at the US National
 > Institute of Standards and Technology specializing the Process
 > Specification Language (PSL), the Unified Modeling Language and
 > modeling language semantics. Among other responsibilities, he
 > has been developing process ontologies based on the PSL. He
 > has been Workgroup Lead for UML 2 Activities and Actions, and
 > one of the developers of the UML repository model at the
 > Object Management Group. He has also been NIST's
 > representative on the HL7 Clinical Decision Support Technical
 > Committee. Conrad received his MS in computer science from
 > Stanford University.
 >    (022)

 > *Refer to details on the session wiki page at*:
 > http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2007_02_22
 >    (023)

 > This will be a virtual session over an augmented
 > conference call. The session is expected to include a
 > ~1 Hour presentation followed by a Q&A and discussion
 > between the participants and the speaker. The entire
 > session will be recorded and made available as open
 > content under the prevailing Ontolog IPR policy (see:
 > http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid32).
 >    (024)

 > As usual, this Ontolog event is open to all. I look
 > forward to having you at this session. Please pass the
 > announcement along to those who might be interested to
 > join us too.    (025)

 > *RSVP* by by emailing me at <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
 > offline so that we can prepare enough resources to
 > support everyone. (Kindly include your affiliation and
 > job title if you aren't already a member of the Ontolog
 > community.)
 > Regards. =ppy
 > Peter P. Yim Co-convener, Ontolog    (026)

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