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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007 20:32:44 -0500
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Hi –


I am writing you to share details about the REA-25 conference which will take place in Newark (DE) June 13-15. The objective of the REA-25 conference is to celebrate the past, present, and future of the REA enterprise ontology (first published by Bill McCarthy in the Accounting Review 25 years ago) and to bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners from all over the world who are involved with REA or have interest in learning more about it. During the first day of the conference (June 13) there will be a number of tutorials presented by renowned REA experts (Bill McCarty, Julie Smith David, and Pavel Hruby). During the second and third day of the conference (June 14 and 15) there will be invited presentations, workshops, and paper presentations regarding all aspects of REA enterprise systems.


We would like you to consider participating in the conference and submitting some of your own REA related work. The submission deadline for the main conference is approaching quickly (February 12). Go to www.aisvillage.com/rea25/conference.html for more information regarding the REA-25 conference, including the call for papers.  The conference will also include two special tracks which I would like you to consider. The objective of the first track, “Integrating REA in the classroom”, is to further the academic community’s ability to creatively, rigorously, and successfully introduce REA concepts into our classrooms.  This track will feature cases, course materials, and master class video presentations. For more information regarding the “teaching” track (including submission information), go to http://www.aisvillage.com/rea25/track1.htm. The objective of the second track, “REA business patterns”, is to explore stereotypical solutions or patterns for REA related analysis, design, and implementation problems. This track will feature in-depth discussions of a wide range of REA business patterns. For more information regarding the “patterns” track (including submission information), go to http://www.aisvillage.com/rea25/track1.htm.

Concurrent with the REA-25 conference, the Journal of Information Systems (JIS) is planning a special section on REA enterprise systems. More information on this special section is available at http://www.aisvillage.com/rea25/jisreacfp.htm.

The conference will take place in Newark (DE) at the Clayton Conference Center adjacent to the University of Delaware campus.  Newark is centrally located between New York and Washington D.C. and less than an hour from both Philadelphia and Baltimore.  Attractions close to Newark include Longwood Gardens and the Delaware beaches.


I hope to see you at the REA-25 conference in June. Please contact me at geertsg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you have any further questions.


Guido Geerts

REA-25 Conference Chair



PS. I apologize for multiple copies of this e-mail


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