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[Apologies for cross-posting. Please redistribute to anyone who might be
Friends and colleagues,
In response to the increasing demand from the life science and
biomedical informatics communities and the private industry for an anatomy 
that can empower computer applications in biomedicine and provide a
basic science framework for the integration of biological data from different 
sources, the University of Washington and the FMA Ontology Research team
hereby release the open source license for the Foundational Model of 
Anatomy (FMA) ontology and grant licensees a perpetual, worldwide, 
non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, copyright license to reproduce, 
publicly display, publicly perform, prepare modifications of, and 
distribute the FMA ontology with or without modifications.
For more information on the availability, terms and conditions of the 
license and on how to access and download the Release version of the FMA
ontology please visit the FMA Ontology Research Project site at
It is our intent to provide the FMA as an open source to stimulate,
foster and promote greater collaboration and interaction between research
efforts in the development of biomedical ontologies and their applications, 
computational applications for basic science and clinical domains of 
biology as well as all areas of health care delivery and management.
I will be happy to answer any question you may have regarding the
license, content or implementation of the FMA Ontology.    (01)

Onard Mejino MD
FMA Ontology Research Project
Structural Informatics Group
Department of Biological Structure
University of Washington School of Medicine
Seattle, WA 98195
Office: 206-543-7118  FAX: 206-543-1524    (02)

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