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Hello Mills,

As part of a panel at the 5th Semantic Interoperability for eGovernment conference next week you asked the Ontolog Forum to list their Top Five Ontology Driven Applications and the list is presented below.

Kurt Conrad first compiled a list of about 30 potential applications, grouped into various categories and sub-categories. 
We submitted this list to the membership and asked them to simply rank from 1 to 5, 5 being their "highest priority".

We then reversed-scored these results to determine a grand total for each application.

Given the intent of this list of Top Five Ontology-Driven Applications, we are pleased to announce the results
ranked from first to fifth place. The number in brackets is the grand score. You might find the actual patterns of interest in that the first place received attention from over half of the raters but was NOT their first choice. No application received more than 1 first choice vote. Thus, as you might well expect, there is not a lot of clear agreement about the future....but a concensus is observed about the importance of ontologies in standards development.


1st D2 - Using ontologies to align / translate among standards (terminology remediations)  [ 20 points  ]

2nd D3 - Building ontologies from standards (translating standards into ontological representations that can be used by ontology-aware tools, e.g., inference engines)  [ 14 points ]

3rd D1 - An ontology of existing standards   [ 10 points ]

4th C2 - Standards in health informatics and emergency management  [ 10 points ]

5th B4 - Using ontology to improve data quality  [ 9 points ]

Please let us know if you want more details.


The Ontolog Forum

Bob Smith, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, CSU

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