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[ontolog-forum] Letter of support for Protege renewal grant

To: Mark Musen <musen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Ontolog Forum <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Kurt Conrad <conrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:55:51 -0700
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This message was prepared on behalf of the Ontolog Forum.    (01)

The Ontolog Forum is a international community of 
practice that promotes the understanding and 
application of ontological methods.  Its 
activities involve hundreds of individuals with 
widely varying backgrounds and domains of interest.    (02)

Ontolog has used Protégé in a number of its 
internal projects.  Ontolog members have used 
Protégé in many more.  We note that Protégé is 
tremendously effective, not just in the medical 
domain, but across an increasing variety of domains.    (03)

Protege has become an essential element in our 
research infrastructure and is rapidly becoming 
one in business as well. We have already observed 
the role that Protégé has in expanding the pool 
of available ontology resources.  Several 
doctoral candidates, for example, had 
dissertations that were basically leveraged by 
Protégé's ability to represent their key topics.    (04)

By enabling individuals and organizations to 
develop ontolgoical expertise, Protégé is proving 
instrumental in accelerating the adoption of 
ontology-based approaches to automated 
systems.  By speeding the day when ontologies 
will be considered an essential component of 
main-stream computing architectures, Protégé can 
be expected to contribute, significantly, to 
orders-of-magnitude improvements to the cost and 
quality of services in a wide variety of domains, including health care..    (05)

If Protégé and its staff were to go away, there 
would be great difficulties in making forward 
progress in many, many domains."    (06)

Thank you for your consideration.  We look 
forward to your continuing support of the Protégé initiative.    (07)

For the Ontolog Forum,
Kurt Conrad and Bob Smith    (08)

/s/ kwc 2006.04.29 20:55    (09)

Kurt Conrad
588 Bancroft St.
Santa Clara, CA 95051-5612
(408) 247-0454
www.SagebrushGroup.com    (010)

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