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On March 15, 2006 the Ontolog, NIST and SICoP (along with its two 
sub-groups: ONTAC-WG (Ontology and Taxonomy Coordination Working 
Group) and COSMO-WG (Common Semantic Model Working Group) are 
organizing an "Upper Ontology Summit" ("UOS"). This UOS will be a 
full-day workshop / panel discussion event to be held at the US 
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 
Gaithersburg, MD, hosted by Dr. Steven Ray of NIST.  The workshop 
will focus on developing a method and the resources to relate 
existing upper ontologies to each other, and to share the 
information on this very important effort with the public.    (02)

We are especially pleased that we are finally able to bring 
together all the key public top-level ontology creators / 
custodians (including OpenCyc, SUMO, DOLCE, DOLCE-D&S, BFO, 
ISO15926 & PSL) to the same workshop to consider how to 
interrelate those ontologies in such a way as to provide a freely 
available common ontology that has sufficient detail to precisely 
specify meanings of terms and concepts in domain ontologies and 
which is compatible with each of the starting upper ontologies.    (03)

*Panelists/Speakers*:    (04)

Dr. John Bateman - Spatial Cognition
Dr. Patrick Cassidy (SICoP / ONTAC, Mitre, UOS-org-comm)
Dr. Aldo Gangemi - DOLCE-D&S (Description & Situation extensions)
Dr. Michael Gruninger - PSL / ISO 18629
Dr. Nicola Guarino - DOLCE
Dr. Douglas Lenat - OpenCyc
Dr. Brand Niemann (Session Chair, SICoP, EPA, UOS-org-comm)
Dr. Leo Obrst (Ontolog, Mitre, UOS-org-comm)
Mr. Adam Pease - SUMO
Dr. Steven Ray (Meeting Chair, NIST, UOS-org-comm)
Dr. Barry Smith - BFO (remote, from Europe),
     with Dr. Werner Ceusters (ECOR)
Dr. Matthew West - ISO 15926-2    (05)

More details (developing) on this Upper Ontology Summit event is 
available at: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UpperOntologySummit    (06)

*Date/Venue details*:    (07)

Date:  Wednesday, March 15, 2006    (08)

9 am ~ 12 noon EST - "Upper Ontology Application Dialog"
Session Chair: Dr. Brand Niemann, EPA & SICoP Chair
In addition to the panelists, organizers, and key participants, 
early adopters, potential users and potential funders of ontology 
development will be invited to discuss mutual concerns.    (09)

1 pm ~ 5 pm EST - The "Upper Ontology Summit" Panel Session
Session Chair: Dr. Steven Ray, NIST
The purpose of this panel is to bring together those who 
recognize the value of open upper ontologies, and in particular, 
the custodians (developers or maintainers) of the public versions 
of existing upper ontologies to find a way to interrelate those 
ontologies in such a way as to provide a freely available common 
ontology that has sufficient detail to precisely specify meanings 
of terms and concepts in domain ontologies and which is 
compatible with each of the starting upper ontologies. Key 
drivers and benefits of such endeavor will be explored in detail.
This session is open to the public.    (010)

The sessions are accessible both on-site at NIST (Gaithersburg, 
Maryland, USA) as well as through remote dial in.    (011)

More details regarding on-site attendance is available at: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UpperOntologySummit/MeetingLogistics    (012)

Dial-in information will be posted closer to the time of the 
event. (Please be on the look out for further announcements.)    (013)

The entire Upper Ontology Summit session will be recorded and 
made available as open content under the prevailing Ontolog IPR 
policy (see: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid32).    (014)

I look forward to having you at this open session. Please pass 
this announcement along to those who might be interested to 
participate and contribute to the discussion. All are welcomed.    (015)

*Registration*: [IMPORTANT DATES, please note!]    (016)

On-site attendees *must register with NIST* on/before Monday, 
March 6, 2006 to enter their facilities. Online registration is 
available at: https://rproxy.nist.gov/CRS/conf_ext.cfm?conf_id=1536
(No on-site registration will be accepted. See also: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UpperOntologySummit/MeetingLogistics#nidK7W)    (017)

Note also that the special hotel rates for rooms blocked off for 
this event will only apply if you make your reservation on/before 
this Friday, Feb. 24, 2006. See details at: 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UpperOntologySummit/MeetingLogistics#nidK81    (018)

Remote attendees should e-mail me at <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx> offline 
on/before Saturday, March 11, 2006.    (019)

For and on behalf of the UOS
  Organizing Committee,    (020)

Peter P. Yim
Ontolog Forum, co-convener    (021)

Members of the UOS Organizing Committee:
  Patrick Cassidy (SICoP/ONTAC, Mitre)
  Kurt Conrad (Ontolog, Sagebrush)
  Brand Niemann (SICoP, EPA)
  Leo Obrst (Ontolog, Mitre)
  Steven Ray (NIST)
  Dagobert Soergel (SICoP/COSMO, UMD)
  Peter Yim (Ontolog, CIM3)    (022)

P.S. This "Upper Ontology Summit" is being organized as part of 
the NIST's "Interoperability Week" event. Members of the 
community are invited and encouraged to participate in other 
meetings that are being held at the NIST the same week. Please 
refer to details at: 
http://www.mel.nist.gov/div826/msid/sima/interopweek/meetings.htm    (023)

P.P.S. Reference Links:    (024)

  Ontolog - http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nidB    (025)

  SICoP - http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SICoP#nid2YPR    (026)

http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologyTaxonomyCoordinatingWG#nid2QJO    (027)

  COSMO-WG - http://colab.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?CosmoWG#nid306M    (028)

  NIST - http://nist.gov
  NIST Interoperability Week - 
--     (029)

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