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Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 11:47:24 -0800
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Thanks, Evan. We'll bring it up at the call tomorrow.
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2006_02_16#nidK53    (01)

Join us at the call if you can.    (02)

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ewallace@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote Wed, 15 Feb 2006 14:00:55 (EST):
> Since semantic annotation of Wikis seems to be a current topic for
> this group, I thought I would forward a recent announcement for a workshop
> on this area.
>********************************************************************************    (04)

> ----
> Full call for papers at http://semwiki.org/2006/cfp.html
> * Contact: mvo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>                      CALL FOR PAPERS
>                        SemWiki2006
>            1st Workshop: 'From Wiki to Semantics'
>                      http://semwiki.org
>                  co-located with the 3rd Annual
>              European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC)
>                   http://www.eswc2006.org/
>                        Budva, Montenegro
>                     11th - 14th June, 2006    (05)

> === Executive Summary ===
> SemWiki2006 is the first workshop on Semantic Wikis. It aims to
> explore and collect the different ideas and motivations that have
> lead to the recent emergence of so-called "Semantic Wiki" systems.    (06)

> === Workshop Topics ===
> Semantic Wikis try to combine the strengths of Semantic Web
> (machine processable, data integration, complex queries) and Wiki
> (easy to use and contribute, strongly interconnected,
> collaborativeness) technologies. Goals are diverse and include:
>  o  simple annotations of existing Wiki content;
>  o  tools that guide users from informal knowledge contained in texts to more 
>formal structures;
>  o  full-fledged tools for ontology editing where the text is no longer in 
>the focus of the system.
> In the future, Semantic Wiki systems might play an important role
> for "knowledge acquisition", enabling non-technical users to
> contribute to the Semantic Web.    (07)

> === Important Dates (all dates GMT) ===
>  o  Abstract submission
>     for papers, poster, demo, position papers:         7 March 2006
>  o  Full submission
>     for papers, poster, demo, position papers:        28 March 2006
>  o  Notification to authors:                          20 April 2006
>  o  Camera-ready version:                             30 April 2006
>  o  Workshop in Budva, Montenegro, half-day:     11/12th June  2006
> The workshop will be held as a half-day workshop at the European
> Semantic Web Conference on the 11th or 12th of June in Budva,
> Montenegro.    (08)

> === Call for Contributions ===
> We invite submissions as full and short papers, as well as
> posters/demos. Papers should describe original, unpublished
> research and must not be under review by another conference,
> journal, or workshop. Authors of the highest quality contributions
> will be invited to present their work at the workshop (probably 20
> minutes). Since Semantic Wikis are a very practical topic, we are
> also very interested in poster and demo submissions. Posters and
> Demos should describe prototypical implementations of systems
> related to the workshop topics. Highest quality submissions will
> be presented in a separate poster/demo session. Contributions
> should adhere to the following formats:
>  o  Papers 5-15 pages, LNCS
>  o  Posters/Demos 2-5 pages, LNCS
>  o  Short/Position Papers: 2-5 pages, LNCS
> In this workshop, we will explore a new form of publication, the
> so-called "ABCDE "-format. This format has been proposed recently
> by User:Anita de Waard (Elsevier) and allows authors to annotate
> their articles directly with semantic markup. This semantic markup
> will be used in the electronic workshops proceedings to facilitate
> searching and browsing. A specialised Latex template will be
> provided by the workshop organisers that allows to easily add
> these annotations.  You can start using the Springer LNCS template
> and later switch to LNCS-ABCDEF (which will be published on this
> website).    (09)

> === Publication ===
> Pre-proceedings will appear at the time of the conference online
> and in print.    (010)

> === Topics of Interest (include but are not limited to) ===
> Topics of Interest (include but are not limited to)
>  o  Semantic Extensions of Wikis
>  o  Text-Based Semantic Authoring
>  o  Acquisition of Formal Knowledge from Structured Text
>  o  Collaborative Authoring of Formal Knowledge
>  o  Continuous and Integrated Knowledge Usage and Refinement
>  o  Creating semantic content from text within
>     * Semantic Portals,
>     * Personal Knowledge Management Systems, and
>     * Ontology Authoring Environments.
>  o  Possible Application Areas of Semantic Wikis    (011)

> === Organisation ===
> Workshop coordinators
>  o  Sebastian Schaffert, Salzburg Research (AT)
>  o  Max Völkel, Universität Karlsruhe (TH) (DE)
>  o  Stefan Decker, National University of Ireland in Galway (IE)
> A planned further outcome is a collaboratively authored "white
> paper" on Semantic Wikis.    (012)

> === Programme Committee ===
>  o  Sören Auer, Universität Leipzig (DE)
>  o  David Aumüller, Universität Leipzig (DE)
>  o  Paolo Castagna, HP Bristol Labs (UK)
>  o  Björn Decker, Fraunhofer IESE (DE)
>  o  Stefan Decker, National University of Ireland in Galway (IE)
>  o  Ludger van Elst, DFKI (DE)
>  o  Michael Erdmann, Ontoprise (DE)
>  o  Shishir Garg, France Telecom (US)
>  o  Heiko Haller, Universität Karlsruhe (DE)
>  o  Martin Hepp, DERI Innsbruck (AT)
>  o  Siegfried Handschuh, DERI (IE)
>  o  David Karger, MIT (US)
>  o  Malte Kiesel, DFKI (DE)
>  o  Bertin Klein, DFKI Kaiserslautern (DE)
>  o  Peter Mika, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)
>  o  Eyal Oren, DERI (IE)
>  o  Flavio De Paoli, Università di Milano (IT)
>  o  Jean Rohmer, Thales (FR)
>  o  Sebastian Schaffert, Salzburg Research (AT)
>  o  Steffen Staab, Universität Koblenz (DE)
>  o  York Sure, Universität Karlsruhe (DE)
>  o  Hideaki Takeda, NII, (JP)
>  o  Kim Tighe, HP Galway (IE)
>  o  Denny Vrandecic, Universität Karlsruhe (DE)
>  o  Max Völkel, Universität Karlsruhe (TH) (DE)
>  o  Anita De Waard, Elsevier (NL)    (013)

> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Complete information, including Programme Committee, instructions
> for submission, description of the workshop, etc. are to be found at:
>                  http://www.semwiki.org
> ***********************************************************************    (014)

> -Evan
> Evan K. Wallace
> Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
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