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[ontolog-forum] Re: [sicop-forum] A question for the 20051011 panelists

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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:10:34 -0800
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Adrian,    (01)

Thank you for the message.    (02)

I think, to answer your question, one would need to:    (03)

(a) be more specific about what class of "ontology-based 
application", and    (04)

(b) peg that answer to the stage of maturity that "natural 
language-based" technology is at.    (05)

Otherwise, anything from "no" to "really useful" is a possible 
answer.    (06)

We (Ontolog) are having Doug Lenat over to talk on "CYC: Lessons 
Learned in Large-Scale Ontological Engineering" (ref. 
Doug has 21 years of experience to share. His insights to your 
question would probably be of interest to the community too. Come 
join us (it is, as usual, a free and open event).    (07)

Cheers.  =ppy    (08)

P.S. Denise,    (09)

(re: your "For the December 6 event I will present a use case of 
how we go about using both approaches in developing an application.")    (010)

... I just wanted to make sure your reference to a "Dec. 6" 
presentation is for something else, because the date we had set 
for Ontolog's "Ontology Applications and Implementations" 
discussion session (for which you have graciously accepted to 
share with us your work at) is slated for Thursday Dec. 15, 2005. 
Just wanted to make sure we communicated that date right.  Tx.  =ppy
--    (011)

Adrian Walker wrote Sun, 13 Nov 2005 10:39:51 -0500:
> Hi All --
> Excellent discussion the other day (20051011)...
> A question for the panelists and attendees: what role (if any) do they 
> see for natural language-based inference and explanations in 
> ontology-based applications ?
> The reason for the question is a gut feeling that, if we only use 
> machine-oriented notations, we leave out at least half of the 
> "semantics" that we all know to be valuable.
> Thanks in advance for comments.        -- Adrian
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